Weirdest Road Rules You Have to Obey Around the World

23 de May de 2016

Self-driving when on holiday can be a fantastic way to discover a destination. But how well do you know the road rules of the country you’re driving in?

Sweden – Headlight Havoc

In Sweden, it’s illegal to drive without your headlights turned on … even during the day! If you leave them off, you’ll usually find that other drivers flash their own lights at you as they drive by.

France – Breathalyser Central

If you plan to drive in France, be prepared to carry your own breathalyser kit with you so that you’ll never (ideally) end up driving when you’re over the limit. Not a bad way to prompt a sense of self responsibility when driving!

Japan – Sober Sorry

We all know that getting into a car with a drunk driver is stupid. But it’s so stupid that if you do this in Japan, you – as the passenger – can also be fined along with the driver, even if you’re 100% sober.

Nevada, U.S. – Camel Catastrophe

In Nevada, it’s totally illegal to ride your camel down the highway. Apologies to all camel transport enthusiasts.

Spain – Glasses Galore

If you need glasses to drive in Spain, it’s a law that you must always have a spare pair in the car. That way, if the ones you’re wearing break or get lost, you’ll still be able to drive! Pretty smart, huh?

South Africa – Don’t Feed the Animals

Pulling over to feed any kind of wild animals when driving in South Africa is not a good idea. Not only is it illegal, but it’s also highly dangerous! If caught, you’ll pretty much wind up with a big fine.

Belarus – Safety First

All drivers in Belarus must carry a fire extinguisher and a First Aid Kit (among other things) in their car at all times. If not, they can expect a hefty fine!

Denmark – Pedestrian Parking

In Denmark, drivers can park their car with two wheels on the pavement, as long as it doesn’t impede pedestrians’ walkway and as long as local police say it’s okay. Guess that’s good news if you’re a bad parker!

Scotland – It’s Free!

If you ever plan to drive in Scotland, you can do so cost-free. There are no toll roads, bridges or highways in the entire country. Hmm … doesn’t sound fair that we’re paying all these toll fees, does it?

Oklahoma – Comic Book Craze

There must’ve once been a slew of kids all driving around the streets of Oklahoma while simultaneously reading comic books … because now it’s a law that you can’t read a comic book while driving! Sorry, Batman.