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Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Motorcycling Travel Insurance

It does not matter the engine size, we believe that if you are a safe legal driver you should be able to experience the world on two wheels no matter where you are. Of course, you need to stay safe, so wear a crash helmet at all times (or you risk a possible claim being denied), and be aware that different excesses are applicable in the event of claim depending upon the engine size (for 125cc or under excess is $250; over 125cc excess payable is $500). For more info on excess, scroll down to our FAQs. Also something to take note of is that there is no cover for personal accident and personal liability for this activity.

Why Travel With Us for Motorcycling?

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90 Sports and leisure activities automatically covered
24 hour emergency assistance
All pre-existing conditions considered
Unlimited overseas medical expenses
Student loan coverage up to $15,000 in our Backpackers policy
Unlimited cover
Unlimited cancellation cover in our Gold Policy
14 day cooling off period
Quick and easy online claims process
No upfront medical certificates/assessments
Award winning travel insurance company

Most Common Questions

What does ‘excess’ mean?

Excess is the amount you pay us in the event of a claim being approved. Our excess applies per person, per event, per claim.

You can choose the excess you want ($100, $200, $0), but be aware this will change the price of your initial premium.

I am overseas right now – can I buy, change or upgrade a policy?

You need to be in Australia at the time of purchasing your insurance. If you are overseas, we are unable to offer you new or different insurance. You may be eligible to extend the dates of your existing cover, so shoot us an email and find out.

Can I upgrade my policy if it’s out of the cooling off period?

Yes, you can upgrade your policy at any time prior to departure providing there are no claims or pending claims.

Do you have any age restrictions?

We may be able to offer cover to anyone whom is under the age of 100. However, please note that if you over the age of 65 the maximum duration we can offer you insurance for is 90 days.

What if I need to extend my policy while overseas?

We can offer one time extension for the same destination bracket. Please note that this extension is only offered on the basis of no claims or pending claims and is only offered at our discretion.

Does your insurance cover damage to a rental motorbike?

Unfortunately motorbikes are excluded. Our Gold policies cover your rental car excess up to $8,000 on International policies, and up to $7,500 on Domestic policies. However, you need to make sure that the rental car is insured (confirmed by the rental company), as we do not pay for full damages to a rental car, only your excess.

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