Travel Insurance Tips

Thailand holidays: tips & advice from InsureandGo

Heading off to Thailand? Here are some tips on travel insurance, staying safe and healthy and most of all enjoying your trip!

I’m Pregnant – Can I Travel Overseas?

Find out things to take in to consideration while traveling during pregnancy, and learn more about travel insurance to cover your pregnancy.

The best ways to stay in touch with home while travelling

Whether you’re taking off a simple two week holiday or a long gap year, check out these great tips for staying in touch with home while travelling.

Does travel insurance cover Airbnb?

Find out more about Travel Insurance cover for your Airbnb stay, read how it works in detail with InsureandGo. 

Travel Insurance Options – Travelling with Pre-Existing Conditions

At InsureandGo travel insurance we consider all pre-existing medical conditions. No medical certificates required to get a quote! Call or get a quote online.

Travel Insurance for Families – Choose Cover that Best Suits Your Family

Buy travel insurance for your next family holiday. Kids are insured free with mum and dad. 90 Activities covered free, unlimited medical and more!

What to do before your kids go on their first independent holiday

Ask for a copy of the itinerary ✓ Passport copy ✓ Local SIM card ✓ Emergency credit card. Click for more tips & be excited for them

Can travelling really make you happier & healthier?

Know how travelling help you to achieve stress-free and healthy life.

Summer Down Under: 9 things you should say YES to!

Welcome to the land of deserts and Vegemite, of wondrous cities, beautiful coastlines and coral reefs. Here are 21 things we urge you to say yes to. 

Travelling to Bali: A few tips from InsureandGo

Find some tips to make your holiday in Bali, fun, safe and illness free! Free tips from InsureandGo travel insurance.

Travel Delays – When can you claim on your travel insurance?

Supercharge your Great Barrier Reef Experience with these great activities and destinations!

How to budget for big trips

When so much money involved for big trips planning is essential, find guide on how to do budgeting for big trips.

Travel Insurance for Seniors – Tips for Seniors Buying Travel Insurance

InsureandGo travel insurance covers senior travellers up to the age of 100. All medical conditions considered. 90 Activities free. Call us or get a quote online.

Common Travel Scenarios & how to deal with them

The most common scenarios that our travel insurance customers encounter and how you can deal with the if they happen to you while travelling.

Beautiful beach camping destinations in Australia for the summer

These beach camping destinations around Australia are gorgeous and they're some of my favourites…

Steps to Buying the Best Travel Insurance for Your Holiday

Buy the right travel insurance to cover your next holiday. With 3 levels of cover to choose from, InsureandGo make choosing the right cover simple!

How to keep your passport safe abroad

We’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping your passport safe abroad.

Travel tips for a New Zealand holiday

Heading off to New Zealand? Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday adventures in New Zealand!

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

Do you want get an idea of what effects the price of travel insurance? Come and find out how and why your premium can vary.

How to Compare Travel Insurance – Levels of Cover, Benefits & More

Compare InsureandGo levels of cover. Choose from Bare Essentials, Silver and Gold travel Insurance policies. Find the travel policy that suits your specific travel plans

Getting away for New Year’s Eve in Australia

Celebrating New Year’s Eve is very exciting – and it’s also a great excuse for a local getaway over the holidays!

Say what? Travelling in places where you don’t speak the language

Travelling in places where you don’t understand the language can be daunting, but there are ways as listed here to help your trip run as easy as possible.

Travelling without cover? 6 Reasons Why You Must Buy Travel Insurance

Holidays should be all about fun and doing the things you love! Cancellations, medical emergencies, loss of property … that’s when you need travel insurance. Learn more here.

When should I purchase my travel insurance policy?

What's the ideal time to purchase travel insurance? Learn what could happen if you leave travel insurance until the last minute.

How to find the best travel insurance

Choosing the best policy is important for everyone choosing to travel in order to make the most of your holidays.

Why travel insurance is important?

If you are travelling overseas, or even domestically, taking out travel insurance is highly recommended by the Australian government and

The best tricks for finding cheap flights

Scoring cheap flights can be a rather simple process if you know the best tricks and tips.

How to get the most out of rainy days in paradise

Learn how to get the most out of those days when the weather just won’t behave

You’re covered for cancellation – but do you know what that really means?

Covered for cancellation? What does it mean? InsureandGo offers UNLIMITED cancellation cover under the gold policy.

Domestic Travel Insurance – Why You Should Buy Domestic Cover

Whether you are exploring Australia for fun or taking a business trip, having domestic travel insurance behind you can often mean an easy and assuring experience.

Travel Insurance and Medical Cover

InsureandGo offers unlimited medical on levels of our travel insurance policies. Learn more about why you need medical cover with your travel insurance plan.

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Understanding the Different Levels of Cover at InsureandGo

Compare InsureandGo levels of cover. Choose from Bare Essentials, Silver and Gold travel Insurance policies. Find the travel policy that suits your specific travel plans.

Fallen sick or hurt yourself overseas? Here’s how to make a claim at InsureandGo

Not sure how to go about submitting a travel insurance claim? Here are some tips to submit your claim to InsureandGo.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance vs. one-trip – which suits better?

Annual multi-trip travel insurance vs. one-trip – which suits better? So, I made a new resolution this year: to travel more! I’ve got three trips booked so far (one for work, two for myself) – and someone mentioned that I should think about buying annual multi-trip travel insurance. If you’re in the same boat, here’s […]

Travel Insurance Checklist – Tips on Choosing the Right Cover

Before you leave, here is a simple checklist to help you determine the right travel insurance for your trip.

Common Exclusions – When Travel Insurance Will Not Cover You!

Whilst travel insurance is a must have for any holiday, there are cases where you will not be covered. It’s important to know exactly when & why you won’t be covered!

Best Places to Visit in Australia This Winter

Don’t stay home! Find out the best places to travel in Austrlia this winter.

These Common Travel Fails Prove the Importance of Having Insurance

We’ve all encountered travel mishaps on the road; and it’s important to remember that we’re not always untouchable when traveling abroad.

Things to pack in your carry-on for health and comfort on flights

A few things you can pack in your cary-on to make long flights more pleasant

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  • All medical conditions considered
  • Cover up to 100 years old (Cruise and Bare Essential policies cover up to 79 years of age)
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses cover
  • Unlimited cancellation in our Gold policies