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Click here for our travel alert about the Israel – Gaza conflict.
Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Cheap Travel Insurance

Safeguarding your expensive holidays doesn’t have to be costly. There are great ways to secure budget travel insurance which could ultimately save you bundles in an unfortunate and unforeseen event.

We have been in the market for over 10 years, and deliver what we promise. We have a range of polices to fit every budget in the easiest and most efficient way possible. We cut all the jargon out, making it easy for you to get the cover you need.

Award winning travel insurance. Our products have been CANSTAR awarded in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019. and 2022. We recently received the  Canstar 2022 award for “Outstanding Value – Seniors Travel Insurance” and “Trusted Service Award” of 2022 by Feefo. You can also check out external review sites like Product Review and Feefo for customer feedback.

Why Travel With Us?

All pre-existing conditions considered
Unlimited overseas medical expenses
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All medical conditions considered online or over the phone
Unlimited dependent children up to the age of 18 insured for free**

Low Cost Insurance Basics & Tips

  • Insure just the things you need by choosing a policy that will cover you for expenses you believe you may need most. Although a comprehensive policy is always advisable, there are basic options that may suit your budget better.
  • Don’t go it alone. Purchasing plans as a couple or family can be a cost effective way to acquire cheap travel insurance¹ rather than buying single policies. Why?
    • If you travel as a couple, then you are entitled to a travel insurance discount of 10% when booking through InsureandGo.
    • We also understand that travelling with children is expensive enough; therefore, we cover your dependent children up to 18 years of age at the same level of cover as you at no extra charge**.


    Choosing the Right Excess for You

    Increasing your excess can save you even more. You can lower your premium by increasing the excess limit on your cover.

    On our compare policy page you can “double” your excess to reduce the cost of the policy. Excess is the contribution you are required to pay towards a claim you make on your travel insurance policy. So keep in mind, that in the event of something going wrong, you’ll need to pay excess per person per claim. Find more info about excess here.

    Most Common Questions

    What does ‘excess’ mean?

    Excess is the amount you pay us in the event of a claim being approved. Our excess applies per person, per event, per claim.

    You can choose the excess you want ($100, $200, $0), but be aware this will change the price of your initial premium.

    Are my details secured if I purchase online?

    Yes, all your personal and payment details are encrypted before they are transmitted so your information is safe from prying eyes. This can be confirmed by the appearance of a padlock icon which can be found either in the address bar or on the status bar of your Internet browser.

    Do you provide insurance for non-permanent residents of Australia?

    Yes,as long as you have either Medicare, a Private Health Fund or Overseas Student Travel Insurance

    Do you cover one way trip?

    Yes, we do offer One-Way trip cover. This means we will cover you from the time you leave Australia until 24hrs after you leave customs at your final destination country.

    In what circumstances I can cancel the policy?

    You can cancel the policy and obtain a full refund if you cancel within the 14 day cooling off period provided you have not departed for your journey nor have you made any claims on this policy.

    I’m taking out the top cover, am I covered for anything that can go wrong on my trip?

    Our premiums would be astronomical if we could do that! There are limits and exclusions to all travel insurance policies, so we strongly advise you to read our product disclosure statement (or search [ctrl+F] for key words to check limits and exclusions) to see if our product is right for you.

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    **Children (including fostered, or adopted children) travelling with either their parents or grandparents will be provided with travel insurance cover for no additional cost (any pre-existing medical conditions may incur an additional charge). This is provided they are under 18 years of age, named on the Policy Schedule and are financially dependent on either their parents or grandparents.