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Thailand Travel Insurance

Famous for its tropical beaches, stunning temples, incredible nightlife, and world class shopping, there is no wonder why Thailand consistently ranks in the top 5 international destinations Australians choose for their holiday abroad.

Be captivated by the beauty and relaxation of Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands or enjoy Bangkok’s ornate palaces, temples, and its EM District with its endless shopping and dining. InsureandGo offers quality comprehensive travel insurance for Thailand suited to your individual needs.

Why Travel With Us to Thailand?

Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks
Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks
Cover up to 100 years of age
Cover up to 100 years young Cruise and Bare Essential Policies cover up to 79 years of age
All pre-existing conditions considered
Unlimited overseas medical expenses
24 hour emergency assistance
Quick and easy online claims process
No upfront medical certificates/assessments

What Your InsureandGo Policy Will Cover You For

InsureandGo, Australia’s online travel insurance specialist, offers affordable comprehensive policies that are backed by an expansive 24/7 global assistance network. Depending on which level of coverage you choose, your travel insurance policy for your next trip to Thailand may include the following:

  • Unlimited Overseas Medical Expenses
  • Trip Cancellation for Instances such as Unforeseeable Death, Injury, or Illness
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Lost Bags or Personal Belongings
  • Pregnancy Cover For up to 30 Weeks
  • Unlimited Dependent Children up to the Age of 18 Insured for Free**
  • Coverage for 90 Different Sports and Leisure Activities Including Bungee Jumping and Snorkelling

Please read our full insurance policy terms, provisos, exclusions, and conditions for full details regarding this coverage.

Natural Disaster Cover

When travelling to a destination like Thailand, it is important to include travel insurance for natural disasters. Natural disasters that can occur in Thailand include typhoons, floods, landsides, and tsunamis.

To make a claim due to an unexpected natural disaster, you must have purchased our policy upgrade option and the option must be shown on your policy. Note that there is no coverage for costs incurred relating to a natural disaster if an event is already known prior to purchasing a policy.

Choose our Silver or Gold level of cover for protection against trip cancellation, and consider additional emergency expenses. These are expenses you incur after departure that are over and above what you had originally budgeted to pay, if your trip is disrupted, or you are required to return to your home in Australia because of a natural disaster. These expenses can include things such as accommodation, meals, or travelling costs.

Note that medical cover due to any natural disaster is automatically included in all international policies without purchasing this policy upgrade.

What You May Not be Covered For

  • Government Warnings: Check to make sure that any current Australian Government foreign travel warnings won’t affect your travel insurance coverage.
  • Consumption of Alcohol: Claims that arise directly from you or a covered party consuming alcohol will be denied.
  • Motorcycles & Scooters: Claims will be denied if you do not hold a valid driving licence for the country you are in and, for motorcycles 125cc or higher, a valid licence for an equivalent rated motorcycle in Australia. 
  • Unattended Belongings: You will not be covered for any personal luggage or belongings if you leave them unattended in a public place such as a beach.
  • High Risk Activities: InsureandGo policies automatically cover 90 different sports and activities, but make sure to check that your chosen activity is covered.
  • Reporting Incidents: Be sure to report any instance such as theft or loss of belongings within 24 hours to the appropriate authority or risk your claim being denied.
  • Natural Disasters: To make a claim due to a natural disaster, you must have purchased InsureandGo’s policy upgrade option and the option must be shown on your policy. Note that there is no coverage for costs incurred relating to a natural disaster if an event is already known prior to purchasing a policy.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: InsureandGo considers all pre-existing medical conditions for potential cover, if agreed,  so long as they are reported at time of purchase. Failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions may void any claim relating to that condition.

Most Common Questions

Do I need travel insurance for Thailand trip?

You should always check before planning your travel to Thailand that the country has no specific travel insurance requirements. While we cannot advise on whether or not you should purchase travel insurance to travel to the Thailand; taking out travel insurance is highly recommended by the Australian government and

Does your insurance cover damage to a rental cars and rental motorbikes?

Our Gold policies cover your rental car excess up to $8,000, but not motorbikes. For a rental car to be covered, you need to make sure that it is insured, as we do not pay for full damages to a rental car, only your excess.

Do you cover pregnancy?

We automatically cover you for unlimited medical, hospital and surgical for the complications of pregnancy up to and including the 30th week for one baby only.

There is no cover for claims resulting from your pregnancy or childbirth after the 30th week of pregnancy.

However medical expenses cover will be provided for a range of complications associated with pregnancy before the 31st week of pregnancy. Please read the PDS for more information.

If you become pregnant after you purchase a policy and will be more than 30 weeks pregnant (or 20 weeks if you are expecting more than one baby) at the start of, or during, your trip, you may be covered for the cancelation of your trip before departure, as explained in the PDS. 

Please keep in mind that no cover is available for children who are born overseas during your trip.

How much does travel insurance to Thailand costs?

It depends upon various factors such as your age, how many people are travelling, for how long, if any travellers have pre-existing conditions etc. so we cannot really estimate the cost of the travel insurance to the Thailand without knowing those things. You can fill in your trip details in the quote box above and at the next step; and you will be able to select a policy within three different levels of cover. Please note this policy price will increase if you opt for various other add-ons such as golf, business, natural disaster etc.

Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?

InsureandGo do not automatically include cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. But all conditions can be considered via a medical questionnaire that you can either complete online or through the call centre.

A pre-existing medical condition is any diagnosed medical condition for which, in the last 5 years, you or any insured person has suffered from or has received any form of medical advice, treatment or medication. 

To determine whether your condition will be covered, you will need to complete the Medical Assessment during the purchase process online or over the phone.

Please contact us if you would like to complete the questionnaire over the phone.

Do you provide cover for a natural disaster?

Yes, we offer cover for additional emergency expenses you may incur because of a natural disaster, provided you select natural disasters cover in the last step of the purchase journey. This additional fee to be covered for these events is applicable under all levels of cover and the amount you can claim varies depending on the level of cover you choose. Please note that if you do not select this cover you will not be covered for natural disaster. This optional add on can be selected at the end of quotation just before making a payment online or if doing it over the phone our agent will ask you if you wish to add it onto your policy. Whilst you may not be covered for natural disaster if you fail to add on the optional add on, you will still be covered for medical expenses incurred as a result of a natural disaster.

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**Children (including fostered, or adopted children) travelling with either their parents or grandparents will be provided with travel insurance cover for no additional cost (any pre-existing medical conditions may incur an additional charge). This is provided they are under 18 years of age, named on the Policy Schedule and are financially dependent on either their parents or grandparents.