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Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Travel Insurance for Europe

Europe has long been a favourite among Australian travellers, and for good reason. With some 50 countries, the continent has a wealth of cultures, landscapes and gastronomy to explore. Best of all, Australian citizens do not require a visa to visit most of the countries within Europe for leisure visits of up to 90 days within a six-month period.

It’s long been a tradition to pack your European itinerary with as many iconic cities as possible. Experience the cuisine, art, architecture, history, and romance of cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, Venice, and more. But wherever you plan to holiday in Europe, it is important to protect yourself with quality travel insurance.

Why Travel With Us to Europe?

All pre-existing conditions considered
Unlimited overseas medical expenses
24 hour emergency assistance
Unlimited dependent children up to the age of 18 insured for free**
Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks
Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks
Quick and easy online claims process
No upfront medical certificates/assessments

What does travel insurance for Europe cover me for?

  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Trip cancellation for instances such as unforeseeable death, injury, or illness
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip interruption
  • Lost bags or personal belongings
  • Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks
  • Unlimited dependent children up to the age of 18 insured for free**
  • Coverage for 90 different sports and leisure activities including bungee jumping and snorkelling
  • Option to upgrade your policy to include winter sports coverage

Please read our full insurance policy terms, provisos, exclusions, and conditions for full details regarding this coverage.

What you may not be covered for

  • Government warnings: Check to make sure that any current Australian Government foreign travel warnings won’t affect your travel insurance coverage.
  • Consumption of alcohol: Claims that occur while you or a covered party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will most likely be denied.
  • Motorcycles & scooters: Claims will be denied if you do not have a valid motorcycle license or if you forego wearing a crash helmet. Note that there is no cover for personal accident, personal liability, or damage to a rental motorbike for this activity.
  • Unattended belongings: You will not be covered for any personal luggage or belongings if you leave them unattended in a public place such as a beach.
  • High risk activities: InsureandGo policies automatically cover 90 different sports and activities, but make sure to check that your chosen activity is covered.
  • Reporting incidents: Be sure to report any instance such as theft or loss of belongings within 24 hours to the appropriate authority or risk your claim being denied.
  • Natural disasters: To make a claim due to a natural disaster, you must have purchased InsureandGo’s policy upgrade option and the option must be shown on your policy. Note that there is no coverage for costs incurred relating to a natural disaster if an event is already known prior to purchasing a policy.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: InsureandGo considers all pre-existing medical conditions so long as they are reported at time of purchase. Failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions may void any claim relating to that condition.

Note that you need to be in Australia at the time of purchasing your international travel insurance. If you are overseas, we are unable to offer you new or different insurance. You may be eligible to extend the dates of your existing cover, so shoot us an email and find out.

European cruise coverage

Europe is the perfect place to experience a wide variety of countries and cultures via a cruise. European cruises usually offer many ports of call allowing you to see a variety of iconic cities without having to pack and unpack your bags. A year round market allows travellers to book cruises more conveniently and with InsureandGo’s Cruise Travel Insurance, you can be assured you will be protected should anything go wrong.

Options for cruises in Europe are varied, and you have many different types to choose from. Ocean cruise liners are among the largest and most impressive ships at sea, and take in some fabulous itineraries from the Mediterranean to the far north of Norway. River cruising is also highly popular, a slower and more tranquil way to take in the most historic cities and towns, voyaging along inland waterways. There are also expedition style cruises for those who have dreamed of landscapes like the Arctic.

If your trip includes any travel by cruise ship, then select the “Cruise Option” to be covered for the land, air, AND CRUISE part of your journey. By cruise we refer to any travel on sea, ocean, or river by any commercially operated ship, boat, or other sea vessel for longer than two hours.

You will need to select the coverage that incorporates all the countries you are travelling to. Simply select the appropriate geographical travel plan designated for your travel destination and the rest is smooth sailing. For cruises taking part in Europe only, you would select the geographical travel plan labelled “Worldwide excluding North and South America and Antarctica.”

Annual multi-trip travel insurance for Europe

With so many countries and so much to offer, one trip to Europe may not be enough. If you plan on taking off to Europe more than once within the year or are planning on another international destination getaway, you may wish to look into an InsureandGo Annual Multi-Trip Insurance policy for your Europe holiday insurance.

Long duration European visits

With so much to see and do in Europe, you may wish to spend an extended amount of time here. InsureandGo realises Europe is a popular Gap Year and backpacker destination; we therefore offer perfect travel insurance options for long duration visits.

If you find you will be travelling to a destination for more than 60 days, we offer flexible One-Trip Travel Insurance which cover you up to 12 months in a destination as well as Backpacker Travel Insurance options which offer up to 18 months of continuous and comprehensive travel insurance cover with the option of visiting your home in Australia for up to 14 days without having to void your policy.

Natural disaster coverage for Europe

Although Europe is not prone to the frequency of natural disasters of destinations like Asia or America, natural disasters do occasionally occur, such as the Mt Eyjafjallajokull eruption in Iceland which disrupted air travel across the continent for months after the volcano blew. Other than volcanic eruptions, natural disasters which have been known to occur in European countries include floods, forest fires, landslides, and earthquakes. Thankfully InsureandGo offers an option to take out Travel Insurance for Natural Disasters to protect you in the event an unforeseen disaster should occur.

To make a claim due to a natural disaster, you must have purchased this policy upgrade option and the option must be shown on your policy. Please note that there is no coverage for costs incurred as a result of a natural disaster event that is known prior to purchasing or upgrading the policy. If there is a known natural disaster event, it will be mentioned prior to payment on our website and over the phone by our agents.

Winter sports coverage for Europe

Europe serves up some of the world’s finest white powder with some of the most notable ski resorts in countries like France, Austria, and Switzerland. Classic European ski resorts include Zermatt, Gstaad, and St. Moritz in Switzerland, Chamonix, Val-d’lsere, and Courchevel in France, and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy.

InsureandGo offers the option of adding Winter Sports Insurance, at competitive rates. Selecting this policy upgrade option will provide coverage for fourteen types of winter sports activities, including things like ski gear and ski passes.

Most Common Questions

Does your insurance cover damage to a rental cars and rental motorbikes?

Our Silver and Gold policies cover your rental car excess up to $4000, but not motorbikes. For a rental car to be covered, you need to make sure that it is insured (confirmed by the rental company), as we do not pay for full damages to a rental car, only your excess.

What does ‘excess’ mean?

pplies per person, per event, per claim.
You can choose the excess you want ($100, $200, $0), but be aware this will change the price of your initial premium. Our standard excess amount is $100 but you can decide to remove or double this amount through the purchase process.

I am overseas right now – can I buy, change or upgrade a policy?

You need to be in Australia at the time of purchasing your insurance. If you are overseas, we are unable to offer you new or different insurance. You may be eligible to extend the dates of your existing cover, so shoot us an email and find out.

Do you cover flight delays after departure?

Under the InsureandGo Silver and Gold levels of cover, we will reimburse the cost of your necessary additional meals and accommodation expenses, if during a trip, any individual leg of your trip, is delayed for more than 12 hours.

The amount you can claim varies depending on the level of cover that you have purchased with us. Please refer to the policy wording documents for more information.

Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?

A pre-existing medical condition is any condition for which you have received medical advice, treatment or medication in the last five years. Our policies cover many pre-existing conditions; to see if we cover yours, please complete our medical assessment online or over the phone. Please note, failing to declare a pre-existing condition can void your policy.

Which destination should I select if I am flying to Europe?

If you are travelling to Europe please select your destination as “Worldwide excluding North, Central and South America”.

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**Children (including fostered, or adopted children) travelling with either their parents or grandparents will be provided with travel insurance cover for no additional cost (any pre-existing medical conditions may incur an additional charge). This is provided they are under 18 years of age, named on the Policy Schedule and are financially dependent on either their parents or grandparents.