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6 Simple ways to save on travel insurance

July 24, 2014

We all have to work within a budget – and sometimes, saving as much as possible is ideal, especially since it means we can spend more on the holiday itself! How can you save on your travel insurance costs, while still providing yourself with the cover you need?

1. Shop around: If you were buying a car, would you just go to one car dealer and buy the first thing you see? Probably not, travel insurance is the same! Make sure you shop around for your travel insurance and request multiple quotes before you make your decision. Buying travel insurance direct from an online supplier can sometime be much cheaper.

2. Increase your excesses: An excess is the amount you have to pay when you make a claim. Increasing or doubling your excesses is a good way to save on your insurance now, but only if you’re confident you can cover your excesses later on if you get into an accident. Alternatively, if you are taking a high risk holiday (e.g. skiing), you might be able to remove your excesses completely, pay a little more now – and save your money if an accident/emergency occurs.

3. Opt for multi-trip packages: Planning to travel multiple times throughout the year? If so, a combined multi-trip travel insurance package is probably ideal for you. This can provide you with continual cover for your trips and can save you lots, since you won’t have to buy a brand new policy every time you need to travel.

4. Look for discounts: Discounts and promotions are one of the best ways to save on travel insurance! Keep an eye out for coupons and codes for your chosen travel insurance providers or sign up to their newsletters and follow them on social media to gain access to specific customer deals.

5. Be honest: If you’re not, it’ll cost you! If you are dishonest on your insurance application and end up making a claim later on, the insurance company will discover your lies. They’ll also reject your claim, meaning you’ll be responsible for paying any outstanding costs. Not a great way to save!

6. Don’t under-insure: Under-insuring your holiday is one of the most common ways that travellers lose money. Make sure you’re covered for all your destinations and activities. If you make a claim and discover you’re not covered, you’ll have to pay the costs out of your own pocket. That’s not a saving at all!