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Many of us can’t start the day without our caffeine fix, and the same goes even when we’re travelling! But if you really consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, think about whether you’d try these strange coffee concoctions!

Bulletproof “Butter” Coffee, US

Would you like butter with that?

It’s a fad that’s recently hit Australia, but it originated in the Silicon Valley – putting butter in your coffee instead of milk.

They call it Bulletproof Coffee and it apparently aids weight loss and digestion, and gives you more of a long-lasting kick than ordinary coffee. Health experts, however, aren’t sure they agree.


Elephant Dung Coffee, Thailand

Yes, it is what it sounds like. In northern Thailand, acacia beans are fed to elephants, digested and then scooped out of their dung and made into coffee.

It might not sound very appealing, but apparently this is one of the most expensive coffees in the world and is commonly served in places like the Maldives and Abu Dhabi.


Kopi Luwak, Thailand

If you’re willing to try coffee from elephant dung, why not cat dung?

Kopi Luwak is the predecessor here and is made in much the same way – only the dung this time comes from a civet cat. Once again, the civet’s digestive acids break down the coffee proteins, eliminating that end-user bitterness.


Cream Cheese Frappuccino, Japan

This one isn’t as exotic as you think. Just head to good ol’ Starbucks in Japan and you can buy almost any coffee and request that fluffy cream cheese be dolloped all over the top. Bizarre yet tasty!


Kaffeost, Scandinavia

If the idea of coffee and cheese has grown on you, you can also sample a Kaffeost. In this beverage, cheese curd made from reindeer milk is tossed into a mug, with coffee poured on top.

After you’ve finished sipping, tradition says you must eat the cheese at the bottom. Kind of like coffee and cheese caked rolled into one!


Egg Coffee, Vietnam

Imagine starting your day with this! In this coffee concoction, Robusta coffee is mixed in with egg yolks, sugar and condensed milk and then topped off with egg cream. Sweet and smooth, this drink is a favourite in Hanoi.


Edible Coffee Cups, US

What could be better than drinking your coffee? A. Eating your cup afterwards!

Edible coffee cups have become all the rage in Los Angeles. Known as the ‘Alfred Cone’, this cone-cup is dipped in chocolate and then filled with coffee. You’ll have to be prepared to pay a little more for this one – an espresso in a cone will cost around US$8.00.


Mazagran, Algeria

If you love your coffee cold and sweet, the Mazagran is a great choice that is very similar to iced coffee – with a kick!

Hot coffee is poured over ice in this drink and then rum is also added. Lemon is a popular addition in other places like Portugal. Often served in a tall glass, this drink is easy to find in various European destinations.


Kopi Susu, Indonesia

Sick of putting 4+ sugars into your coffee every morning?

A common coffee concoction in Indonesia, this drink is made by combining black coffee with hot, sweetened condensed milk. After it’s left to cool, you simply drink the condensed milk and eat the coffee at the bottom.


Espresso Soda, US

Just in case you dislike the idea of a fizzy coffee, the Espresso Soda will make your dreams come true. Fashioned by Manhattan Special, this coffee has been around since 1895 and comes in full sugar and diet versions.