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Sick of cooking the same old turkey dinner for Christmas every year? These incredible and often traditional dishes from around the world are easy enough to make and they’re a great way to add a unique spark to your Christmas feast.

Laufabrauð, Iceland

This traditional ‘leaf’ or ‘snowflake’ bread is often made and served throughout the Christmas season in Iceland. It’s a great one to make with the whole family and patterns can be hand-done or (for serious bakers) made with a roller or other tool Recipe: or

Pionono, Argentina

In Argentina, salads and finger foods are a much-loved part of Christmas feasts. Pionono is one such finger food, made from a spongy cake and filled with either dulce de leche jelly or other ingredients like ham, cheese, tomatoes and capsicum. A great addition to a Christmas lunch! Recipe: or

Lebkuchen, Germany

These Nuremberg-famed cookies similar to gingerbread (but made with honey) are so good they’re almost considered a delicacy in Germany at Christmas time. You can make lebkuchen in any shape you like and you can also ice and decorate them to your content. A fun and easy recipe to try with kids! Recipe: or

Wat, Ethiopia

Looking for something original to be the central dish of your dinner? Wat is an Ethiopian spicy stew made with meat and vegetables and traditionally served at Christmas. It’s usually eaten with a flatbread called injera. A popular version, Doro Wat, is also made with chicken and boiled eggs. Recipe: or

Torrone, Italy

This sweet Christmas dessert goes by another name you’ve probably heard of – nutty nougat. It’s a classic Christmas inclusion, and in Italy it’s usually made from scratch and it can be found all over supermarket shelves. Every November, the Torrone Festival is also held in the town of Cremona. Recipe: or

Hot Apple Cider, U.S. 

Apple cider is a common Christmas drink in the U.S. (that also shows up during Thanksgiving) and Americans love it as a warm break from their cold winters. If you’re holding Christmas indoors in the air conditioning, the hot version can go down well. Otherwise, you can also make it hot, let it cool and then serve it chilled over ice! Recipe: or

Lechon, Philippines

You’ll wow your guests with this one! Whole roasted suckling pig is a traditional Filipino Christmas staple. The skin is meant to be succulent and crunchy, with the meat tender and moist. It’s a great option if you’re planning a large gathering or if you’ve got a big backyard and lots of time on your hands. If you’re still keen to try it but don’t want to have to do the whole pig, try lechon kawali or simply, roasted pork belly. Recipe: or