What to pack for a romantic getaway

27 de January de 2023

Packing for a romantic getaway isn’t a difficult task. After all, all you hopefully really need is each other. However, there are some packing tips which may allow you to make the most of your time together and bring greater focus to the love you share for one another.

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While you may or may not be spending a lot of time wearing it during your romantic getaway, it pays to put some thought into what clothing you pack. Don’t feel pressured to pack a bunch of clothing you won’t be comfortable in though.

In the past, the focus of dressing for a romantic getaway was often directed solely towards women dressing is alluring outfits, but I think we can now all agree it takes two to tango and both men and women should make an effort to elevate their look for a romantic trip.

It’s not so much about needing to dress sexy, rather simply to put a little more effort into your look than you normally would. The goal is to simply enhance the beauty you already possess.

It’s not about trying to impress your partner since they should love you regardless of what you wear, but it can help set the mood for your trip by putting a bit of thought and effort into your look which shows you care.

So leave the holey t-shirts and worn jeans at home and maybe go out and buy some new threads for your holiday together.  A nice pair or two of shoes is also not a bad idea. And if you have a fancy dinner or evening out planned, maybe pack some nice formal wear. 

It’s about trying to look your best, because when you look good you often feel good. And when you feel good, you’re both likely to enjoy your time together more.


It’s easy to say leave the phones, laptops, and tablets at home so you can focus your attention on each other, but the reality is that these can come in handy so long as you don’t let them become a distraction.

You still want to be able to book restaurant reservations, look up local things to do and see together, and take photos to remember your time together. So allow electronics to play a role in your romantic getaway so long as their usage enhances your trip and doesn’t distance you from each other.

It’s never a bad idea to download some music you both enjoy and create playlists you can listen to in your hotel room. Maybe invest in some higher quality portable speakers to enjoy better sound quality.


Romantic getaways often involve heading to tropical, coastal, or sunny and warm destinations. While nothing beats sun on your face and working on your tan together, too much of a good thing can be bad for a romantic getaway.

Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen and protect your skin from sunburn. Not only are sunburns unattractive, they can make getting close to one another quite painful. And don’t forget to use lip balm with SPF 50+ protection in case you plan on doing a bit of kissing during your romantic trip.

Thoughtful gift

Surprising your partner with a small gift during your romantic holiday is another great idea. It doesn’t have to be anything grand like a diamond necklace or fancy watch, just a small thoughtful gift that will allow your partner to recall your trip together each time they look at it in the future.

Try to put thought into your gift that shows you really know your partner. It’s not about how much something costs, rather finding something that will really resonate with them. It can be a serious, playful, or comical gift. You know your partner’s personality best, so choose something that is sure to bring a smile.

We recommend buying and packing gift before your trip as you may find it difficult to get time away from your partner during your trip to buy a surprise gift. Alternatively, you could arrange an experience instead of a physical gift whether it’s a couple’s spa day, romantic horseback ride on the beach, or hot air balloon ride.

And a word of caution if you were planning on packing a love lock inscribed with your name to place on a famous bridge somewhere. Many cities including Paris where love locks became famous on the Pont des Arts Bridge have begun removing love locks. Some cities have even banned them from certain areas, declaring it an act of vandalism.

There are still destinations where you can symbolize your everlasting love with a love lock, as some cities have designated areas where it is legal and encouraged to do so. So maybe just do a bit of research before you go the love lock route so you don’t find yourself getting into trouble or creating problems for famous landmarks.


Because you will likely be spending plenty of up close and personal time with each other, you’ll want to smell good. Be sure to pack your deodorant and maybe your partner’s favourite perfume or cologne.

Another thing to consider packing is some bath salts if your hotel room has a tub. You can spice up the romance with some battery-operated flameless candles. Never use real candles in your hotel room as they are usually prohibited.

You’ll also want to be sure to pack all the standard health and beauty essentials you usually pack for any trip including toothbrush and toothpaste, razors and shaving cream, moisturiser, hair care products, etc. Makeup remover wipes are also a great idea so you don’t stain the often white hotel towels and bed sheets.

And if you were thinking of packing rose petals to place on the bed, be sure to ring the hotel and ask if they have any restrictions on rose petals in the room, because some do. Also keep in mind that rose petals can stain white bed sheets and bathtubs, so maybe opt for artificial ones which you can then reuse for future trips.

What not to pack for a romantic getaway

Packing for a romantic getaway often means travelling quite lightly. You really don’t need all that much since you will hopefully be focusing on each other. Trying to pack too many bags can add to travel stress when it comes to getting through the airports and checking into hotels, and stress is definitely not an ingredient for romance.

And while you may want to look glamorous for your romantic getaway, it’s always a good idea to leave your expensive valuables like pricey jewellery at home. If you do wish to take high value items with you, it’s highly recommended you take out additional cover for these items by specifying these individual items and paying the additional premium when purchasing your travel insurance policy.

A romantic getaway is about focusing on each other so you may not need all the usual items you pack for regular trips. Avoid packing items that will distract or distance you from your partner whether that’s books or active wear for the hotel gym, unless of course you enjoy reading or working out together.

When it comes to intimate toys, be mindful that they may not be allowed to be brought into a number of countries including Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, or the UAE. Travellers found bringing such items into countries where they are prohibited may have them confiscated and fines may result.

Final tips

More important than what you pack may be the destination you choose for your romantic getaway. Choose a place together and select a destination that appeals to both of you or better yet is meaningful to you as a couple.

Now is the time to probably splurge on a nicer hotel since you are likely to spend more time than usual inside it. Select a hotel that offers a wide range of amenities which will allow you to really enjoy a relaxing time together.

Try not to set too high of expectations and remember to not let the ordinary stress of travel get in the way of enjoying a memorable time together. The most important thing is that you arrive safely at your destination and spend quality time together.