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Forget key chains and cheesy stuffed animals. These weird yet awesome tokens from around the world are waaaay better souvenirs to help you remember your trip.

Whether you can bring them back on the plane, though, is another story…


Replica Samurai Sword, Japan

From the ramens to the Harajuku girls and everything in between, there’s no forgetting a trip to Japan. Samurai replicas can be found in almost any souvenir store throughout the country. They range from tiny souvenir sizes to real-life sizes and can be inlaid with a variety of patterns and materials.


Deep Sea Water, Hawaii

It doesn’t get more pure than this! Apparently, MaHaLo Deep Sea Water is sourced from 3,000 feet underneath the ocean in Hawaii and is reputedly rich in minerals and low in artificial pollutants. One bottle will cost you anywhere up to $6.


Scottish Dialect Mugs, Scotland

A stint in Scotland 05/have you talking with a funny accent, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll understand all the crazy words that are being used.

Enter the Dialect Mug! These cool souvenirs, which can be easily found in traditional souvenir shops, feature words like “crabbit”, “blootered”, “blether” and “numpty” – and thankfully, each mug contains an explanation on the meaning of each.


Volcanic Ash Soap, Vanuatu

Vanuatu is home to some of the most breathtaking spots in the South Pacific, but did you know that it was born out of volcanic activity? Today, its active volcanoes – such as Yasur and Lopevi – create much volcanic ash. Which is used, among other things, to make soap.

Volcanic ash is reportedly great for the skin, rewarding it with nutrients and antioxidants. You can find this black soap at almost every souvenir shop in Vanuatu.


Elephant Poo Coffee, Thailand

Elephant Dung Coffee is one of the weirdest delicacies on the planet and for around $40-$50, you can take home your very own bag. The beans are ‘flavoured’ by passing through the elephants’ digestive organs and come out more sweet rather than bitter.

To find it, though, you’ll have to stay in select luxury hotels, such as the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.  

Want more coffee? Check out the unique, the bizarre and the delicious!


Valenki Boots, Russia

You might feel a little odd walking around in these, but picking up a pair of these traditional winter boots in Russia can be a great way to remember your trip! The best Valenki boots should be made from 100% wool felt, so check the label before buying.


Glass Balloon, Italy

It’s the perfect balloon that will never deflate! The town of Murano is known for shipping its beautiful glass creations all over the world, but we think these gorgeous glass balloons stand out as a memorable take-home token. Assuming it doesn’t get smashed in your bag, that is…


Live Fish & Turtle Key Rings, China

Perhaps the weirdest souvenir spin we’ve ever heard of – Chinese souvenir peddlers selling plastic packets of water with real life fish, turtles and other lizards inside. The catch – it’s actually a key ring.

Sadly, the animals often die after a few days and it’s no secret that the makers have come under much fire from animal rights groups.


London Underground Undies, UK

There 05/be both good and bad memories associated with the Tube, but keeping the map a little closer to home is now possible. These radical undies will ensure you never got lost in the London underground ever again – and they’re also available as socks and boxer shorts!