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Forget Museums of Natural History or those associated with culture and war! These crazily weird museums actually do exist around the world. If you ever get to one, you can be sure it’ll keep you amused for hours…

Sulabh International Toilet Museum (New Delhi, India)

Whether you are a loo lover or a sanitation specialist, you’re in for a real treat at this “crap” museum (get it?!).

This weird museum traces the evolution of the humble toilet through every twist, turn and s-bend of its proud history. It includes historical designs, photos and a collection of timeless toilets from around the world.

Leila’s Hair Museum (Missouri, USA)

Keeping a locket of a loved one’s hair was once seen as a romantic gesture. But this place makes hair keepsakes seem more than a little creepy.

Leila’s Hair Museum contains hundreds of wreaths and thousands of pieces of hair art (including wreaths and 3D sculptures), all of which have been made using human hair. You will even find samples of hair from celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.

Carrot Museum (Berlotte, Belgium)

Can you imagine loving a vegetable so much that you would create a museum in its honour? That’s exactly what the ‘Carrot Fan Club’ of Berlotte did. This museum consists of a small window with rotating displays of carrot related trinkets, each of which are far more bizarre than they are impressive.

International UFO Museum and Research Centre (Nevada, USA)

In 1947 hundreds of people claimed to have seen a UFO crash near Roswell. The International UFO Museum (also known as the Roswell Museum) was established to help “spread the truth” about what happened and educate the public regarding UFO phenomena. Don’t be surprised, though, if you don’t actually find any real aliens or UFOs inside…

Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum (Kent, UK)

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about dog collars? If so, you should probably consider stopping by the Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum! This weird museum features over 100 dog collars from the past 500 years and is sure to impress any canine historian or S&M enthusiast.

Beijing Museum of Tap Water (Beijing, China)

Ever found yourself lying awake at night thinking about the long journey your tap water makes to get to you? If so, you will love the Beijing Museum of Tap Water.

This unique place has everything you ever wanted to know about the history of tap water infrastructure and technology. You can also spend endless exciting hours admiring a vast array of thrilling taps and faucets from around the world. Yay!

Sewer Museum (Paris, France)

For those of us who sit around dreaming of sewers and waste, this museum is a must-see! It’ll take you on a stinkified journey through Paris’s unique sewer system, which slowly came into being around about the 1200-1300s. A great experience if you love underground history and cool tunnels, but be prepared to hold your nose the entire way!