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From sleeping in a sewer and feeding giraffes to holing up in a fortress – these hotels are likely to weird anyone out! Have you ever stayed in something so bizarre?

Sewer Hotel, Austria

Want to sleep in a stinky bit of sewage?! This sewer hotel in Austria, otherwise known as the Das Park Hotel, lets you stay over in (literally) a concrete sewer, right on the Danube. Just remember to take a shower afterwards… !

365 Days of Sun Hotel, UK

Uh, fake tan anyone?! For those of you who are horribly beach and coast deprived, this quirky hotel in Kent is set to blow your mind. You can relax back on the hotel’s fake beach, where everything from replicated “real” sunlight (with no burning UV rays!) to pretend ocean breezes surround you.

Giraffe Hotel, Kenya

If you’ve ever wanted to share your breakfast with a giraffe right from your hotel window, Giraffe Manor in Nairobi is the place for you. Beautiful accommodation is coupled with amazing wildlife experiences here… assuming you like giraffes, that is.

Crane Hotel, Netherlands

If you ever visit Amsterdam and you love industrial construction, make sure you book a suite here. The Faralda Crane Hotel offers three luxury rooms (mystique, secret and free spirit) in the crane’s old machine room. Other crazy activities here include bungee jumping from the top of the crane, relaxing in the Jacuzzi or booking out the TV studio.

Propeller Island Hotel, Germany

It doesn’t get any more weird than this. Half hotel, half weird art installation experiment, this hotel will blow your mind in the strangest of ways. There are rooms made of mirrors, beds in the shapes of coffins, giant guillotines chopping beds in half and even (wait for it) a room that looks like your grandma once lived there.

Glass Igloo Hotel, Finland

It’s Eskimo time! Staying in an Ice Igloo is a wickedly cool experience and at Kakslauttanen, you can do just that! These aren’t just any old igloos, however. Their roofs are made of glass, so that you can lay back and take in the glory of the northern lights! Other radical activities here include reindeer safaris and gold panning.

Airplane Suite Hotel, New Zealand

Can’t afford first class or even business? Don’t worry! This 1950s Bristol Freighter plane has been conveniently transformed into a slice of motel paradise at Woodlyn Park in Waitomo. The only thing you’ll have to decide is whether you prefer to sleep in the tail or the cockpit!

Giant Dog Hotel, US

Perfect for dog lovers from anywhere, the Dog Bark Park Inn finds itself in Cottonwood, Idaho, and is reputedly the world’s biggest beagle dog. The B&B rooms here are fittingly dog themed and of course, pets are welcome.

Sea Fortress Hotel, UK 

It’s hotel protection at its best. The Solent Forts float off the British coast near Portsmouth and are available for private hotel hire. Menacing on the outside, they’re incredibly beautiful and luxurious on the inside. Start saving your bucks if you want to stay here!