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We’ve all heard of peanut butter and jelly and even banana on toast, but these ultra weird food combinations from around the world really do ‘take the cake!’

Foie Gras & Hot Dog

What do you get when you mix one of the most posh foods around with one of the most trashy? Foie gras hot dogs, of course! In Chicago, sitting down at ‘Hot Doug’s’ and ordering one of these babies is entirely possible. There’s been plenty of controversy around this food combination too, especially since foie gras was banned in Illinois in 2006 – and then reinstated in 2008.

Bubblegum & Vodka

For those of us who are dying to combine our childhood memories with our adult drinking habits, Three Olives Vodka has the answer! This bubblegum flavoured vodka is one crazy drink that will take you right back to the 1980s. Other vodka varieties from these guys include root beer, cake, coconut water and whipped cream.

BBQ Chicken Wings & Ice Cream

The Japanese love their crazy fusion foods, and BBQ chicken wings and ice cream is just one of their unique food combos. Head to Ice Cream City in Tokyo and you’ll be able to savour this weird ice cream mixed with real BBQ’d chicken wings. Creamy and chewy, all in one!

Rice & Burger Patties

We’re used to eating classic burgers in the western world, but in various parts of Asia, rice burgers are the way to go. Instead of using a bread bun, these burgers use rice buns to combine with their meat patties. Mmmm… squishy!

Potato Chips & Bread

Hmmm…. potato chips, on bread? If you’re ever hanging around in the UK or perhaps in some parts of the US, you’ll know that potato chip sandwiches are not all that uncommon! Often referred to as the “crisp sandwich”, this delight can also include anything you like, such as pickles and tomato sauce.

Potato Chips & Chocolate

Speaking of potato chips – we’ll all finally be able to satisfy our savoury and sweet cravings with this chip and chocolate combination from Lay’s. This product is essentially potato chips dipped in milk chocolate and was first released in the US for the holiday season back in 2013. Lay’s didn’t invent this combo, though – apparently it’s been around since 1985.

Donuts & Croissants

Enter the “Cronut!” Americans will be all too familiar with this sweet treat, which involves combining a donut and a croissant into one. It’s still shaped like a donut, but word has it the pastry is layered like a croissant. Eat one of these and you’ll ingest enough sugar for at least a week!

Bacon & Mayonnaise

Can you say “baconnaise?” J&D’s food in the US began marketing their bacon-flavoured mayonnaise product around the world a few years ago and ever since, spreadable bacon has taken off. Other bacon-ish offerings from J&D’s include bacon lip balm, bacon candy canes, bacon shaving cream and even bacon lubricant!

Lobster & Bloody Mary

Only at the Grain Store restaurant in London will you find this tasty chilled lobster and bloody mary mix. Served on a dish, this combo features lobster, tomatoes and celery, surrounded by a tangy tomato-water-vodka mix (you’re meant to eat it, rather than drink it). Interesting, at least!