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Want more than just the kitchen table? Or your hotel room floor? If eating dinner has gotten a little ‘stale’, these magnificent ways to eat dinner around the world will definitely inspire your travels!

In the Treetops (Thailand)

If you want to dine amongst the branches, all you need to do is head to the Soneva Kiri Resort in Koh Kood where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a high-up bamboo pod. Pretty cool, actually.

In the Desert (UAE)

Love to see a different side of Dubai? If you’re keen to get away from the skyscrapers, why not try this romantic dinner for two out on the sand dunes? Delicious food and a private butler are just two of the perks! Oh, not to mention the stunning colours of the sunset and sky.

Overlooking Mount Everest (Nepal)

It might seem somewhat impossible, but there are a handful of places in the Himalayas where you can eat dinner and feast your gaze on the tallest mountain in the world. One of these, the Everest View Hotel, offers good food, easy accommodation and stunning views to boot. It also claims to be the highest hotel in the world.

On a Floating Pontoon (Fiji)

Fiji is beautiful at the best of times, but if you can book yourself in for this exquisite dinner on a floating pontoon, you’ll never forget it. You’ll sit right out on the water under the night sky and your meals will be brought to you by boat!

Up in the Sky (anywhere)

Hoisting yourself up 50 metres into the sky for a meal isn’t an everyday activity, but it’s worth it for the views – and the experience! This awesome night out can be enjoyed anywhere, from the landscapes of Verona to the sunsets of Perth.

In a Snow Castle (Finland)

Rug up if you want to enjoy dinner at this icy restaurant! Commonly booked out in advance, the SnowCastle in the town of Kemi (just near the Swedish border) offers you the chance to dine amongst ice and snow. While both hot and cold dishes are on the menu, we recommend you go with the hot!

On a Cliff Face (China)

Well, it’s really kind of a cave restaurant – but you’ll definitely feel like you’re hanging off a cliff here! The Fangweng Restaurant in China sits high above the Yangtze River and serves amazing Chinese cuisine. If you love a bit of an adrenaline rush before (or after) you eat, there’s also a bungee jumping platform at your disposal!

In a Real-Life Prison (UK)

It’s known as the Clink and it’s located inside Cardiff Prison. And inmates cook your meals. This charity restaurant was established with the hope of giving low-risk inmates the opportunity to learn new cooking skills as part of their rehab. It’s only open for breakfast and lunch however, since inmates are locked down at night.

In true prison style, you’ll be required to leave your belongings at the door (including your phone) and the cutlery will be plastic!

In a Cave (Kenya)

What should you do after an awesome day of safari-ing? Head to dinner in a cave! Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is a glorious cave delight set near Diani Beach in Kenya’s south. The cave itself is around 120,000-180,000 years old, but don’t worry – the seafood is fresh!