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Did you know that around 70% of the world’s surface is covered by water? It’s no wonder that some very odd things tend up wash up on our shores! From Harley Davidson to bananas to rocket parts, here are some of the weirdest things that have washed up on beaches around the world.

A Harley Davidson

HarleyIt’ll be a new era in motorcycle technology when they make Harley Davidsons that can swim! This Harley washed up on a beach in Canada in its container, having floated over 6000km across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. Apparently, the long journey was caused by the Japanese Tsunami of 2011.

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Packets of Doritos

It was a special day in 11/2006 when these tasty packets of Doritos washed up on a beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a chip fiesta for many of the locals, not to the mention the hungry seagulls! Surprisingly, many of the chip packets were still intact.

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Message in a Bottle

It’s one of the oldest lost-at-sea stories around: put your message in a bottle and hope that someone finds it! Someone did find this message in a bottle on New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach in 11/last year. The message inside revealed that it had been at sea for 76 years! The bottle was cast out into the ocean by a Perth man in March 1936, who was travelling on the SS Strathnaver at the time. The message has now been reunited with the Perth man’s grandson, who never knew his grandfather, and the bottle was donated to one of New Zealand’s maritime museums.

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We all know that bananas grow on trees … or do they? Back in 2007, thousands of bananas washed up on the shore of the Dutch island of Terschelling. As mysterious as it might sound, this banana wave craze was the result of container accident when its cargo ship ran into a storm. A real treat if you’re a monkey – or if you just love free bananas!

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Before there were bananas … there were sneakers! In 2006, Terschelling Island received a similar surprise when a bundle of sneakers washed up on the beach because of yet another cargo container accident. Great way to get a pair of new shoes (which some of the residents actually managed to do!).

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A Rocket

Rockets are meant to end up in outer space, right? Not always! Discovered in the Florida Keys by shark researchers earlier this year, this nose cone part was apparently part of a rocket that launched in South America. Although it was meant to break apart and ‘sink’ into the ocean upon launch (and become an artificial reef), this particular piece remained whole and floated to the surface due to high tides.

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Giant Lego Man

It could’ve be a sign of greater things to come when this giant Lego Man was discovered on Siesta Key Beach in Florida in 2011. Apparently the yellow, red and green visitor was part of an artistic experiment by a Dutch guerilla artist named Ego Leonard. The Lego Man seems to be doing the rounds: before Florida, he was found on Brighton Beach and before that, in a sea near the Netherlands.

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