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Australia has taken a traditional non creative route with taxis – we see the regular taxi sedans, station wagons, maxi taxis and sometimes there is the occasional limo taxi sighting. Other countries have taken it a step further and use taxis to showcase their culture and in some cases their sense of humour!

Most of us know the Tuk-tuks of Asia, but have you ever heard of the Llama taxi or a taxi for your dog (bike dog taxi)? Here is a look at some interesting taxis from around the world.


Llama taxis

If you happen to visit Peru anytime soon, you might have a chance to see a Llama Taxi! Llama taxis are promoted as a way for tourists to see Peru’s natural attractions. Please note that no llamas were harmed in the writing of this blog and I wholeheartedly support llama appreciation, not llama exploitation.

Tuk Tuk’s

A Tuk Tuk can be found all over the world, but it is the mainly preferred taxi in mostly developing Asian countries. A Tuk Tuk is a motorized rickshaw with three wheels. If you get on a Tuk Tuk and a friend gets on a different one but is going to the same destination, hold on tight! The Tuk Tuks will often times race each other through the streets to see who can get there first.

Bike Taxis

Bike Taxis are popular for small trips, and are human-powered with the driver pedaling. Again, they can be found all over the world, but are most popular in Bangkok, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia.

There are normal bike taxis, and then there are bike taxis that are specially designed to carry a dog. This bike dog taxi can be found only in Boise, Idaho. For some reason the design hasn’t spread to the rest of the world… I wonder why?


Ecocabs are a new trend in Dublin, featuring aerodynamic, three-wheeled rickshaws that are made from recycled material and have an electric engine that runs from battery power to help with uphill riding and switches off when not needed. They are emission-free and also cost nothing to ride in. Corporate sponsors have covered the ecocabs with ads and provide the rides for free as a form of advertising.

Pink Taxis

Pink Taxis are small, pink-colored cabs that have female cab drivers and are only for female passengers and their young children. They were first created as a way for female tourists in the Middle East to get around without unwanted harassment from male cab drivers, but now are popular in Mexico, England, and parts of the United States as well. Beyonce really is right- girls do run the world!

The Hindustan Taxi service

The Hindustan TaxiThe Hindustan Ambassador’s car design is popular among the common taxis in New Delhi because the high-roofed designed allows for extra headroom for passengers turbans. Or, if you just happen to have an unusually large head, this would be a good taxi to catch as well!

The Coco Taxi

In Cuba you can ride in a coconut…well a coconut shaped taxi! The Coco Taxi is made from plastic, runs on three wheels, and is shaped like a coconut. If only every ride came with a complimentary pina colada!

About Peggy Olson

Peggy is a keen adventurer and traveller. She has spent time living in America, Belgium, China, and now resides in Australia. She has travelled to 23 different countries, including some very offbeat countries and some of the more commonly travelled destinations. Peggy loves seeing the world, long-distance running, and playing soccer.