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Travelling solo is a cool experience, especially if you’re keen to get away from everything and everyone – even other travellers! These remote destinations will truly bring your alone-time into the foreground. Which is your fave?

1. Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole

Head south for as long as you possibly can and you will find yourself at a remote scientific research station in the middle of the South Pole. Apart from a small group of international scientists, there nothing here but miles snow and ice, making this the perfect place to be alone – assuming you can put up with either perpetual daylight or darkness!

2. Tibetan Plateau, Tibet

If you have ever dreamed of getting as far away from civilization as possible, the Tibetan Plateau is the place for you. It is not only the world’s highest and largest plateau, but also the most remote destination on earth. Home to tens of thousands of glaciers, it takes a 3 week journey from the nearest city just to get here, and once here you can go for months without seeing or speaking to anyone.

3. Bouvet Island, Norway

Do you sometimes feel like an alien from another planet? If so, perhaps a trip to Bouvet Island will have you feeling more at home, since this is where ‘Alien vs. Predator’ was filmed! This spectacularly remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean has a population of zero and is 1,600km from the nearest landmass.

4. East Siberian Taiga, Russia

If you prefer the company of trees to the company of people, just head off into the East Siberian Taiga, widely regarded as the world’s last remaining true wilderness. This huge and uninhabited area takes up more than 1,500,000 square miles, providing a great opportunity to get that quality alone time you’ve been craving.

5. Alert, Canada

While it 05/be covered in snow for 10 months of the year, Alert – on Canada’s northern tips – is a fantastic place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you will get to watch uninterrupted views of the world famous ‘Northern Lights.’ You won’t have to worry about crowds either, as the nearest settlement is a small fishing village 2,000km away.

6. Tristan da Cunha, near South Africa

Those looking for a mix of isolation and danger will be in heaven at Tristan da Cunha, which is a tiny island in the South Atlantic Ocean accessible only by sea. This rocky island is actually a shield volcano which scientists consider active, so it might be wise to get to know a few of the 270 locals and befriend someone with a boat! Thanks to the volcanic threats, Tristan is also the most remote (inhabited) archipelago on Earth.

7. The Old Forge, Scotland

If your perfect solo holiday must also involve remote beer drinking, then the Old Forge is the perfect place to be. Considered Great Britain’s most remote pub, this out of the way Scottish watering hole is only accessible via a boat ride. Don’t worry, though, once you get there, good pub food and even music can be found.

8. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Island escapes are one of the best ways to spend your solo holiday and Hidden Beach on the Marieta Islands of Mexico is one of the coolest remote beaches in the world. The only way to get here is to swim through a 15-metre tunnel and the beach is actually a UNESCO site, due its unique bird and fish species. Swimming, snorkeling and even kayaking are all possible here – just get there before it turns into a popular travelling sensation!