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Click here for our travel alert about the Israel – Gaza conflict.
Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Here are our favourite travel apps……..

1. Kayak

This is by far the simplest app to search and compare flights, hotels and car rentals. With all your results from multiple sites arranged into one display, you can enjoy a hassle free search experience. Kayak is also great for tracking your flight status and managing your overall trip itinerary. Furthermore, the app provides you with information about airlines and airports to make sure you are prepared for your journey.

2. TripCase

The TripCase app is your ultimate travel organiser. If you want to keep track of your flight to ensure you are prepared for any unexpected cancellations or delays, this app will take away the fuss and do it all for you! In fact, TripCase will track your flight 48 hours prior to departure, and send you alerts for gate changes, cancellations and delays. All you need to do is email your airline confirmation and the details will be updated on your TripCase app for tracking.

3. HearPlanet

Learning whilst traveling has never been easier with the HearPlanet app. The HearPlanet app is an audio guide (in fact the world’s largest audio guide), providing users with access to over 500,000 voice files.  This savvy app uses your current location to give you interesting information about your destination and the surrounding points. You also have the ability to search attractions or destinations that you are interested in to discover exhilarating information.

4. Trip Advisor

When it comes to visiting attractions, selecting a place to stay at or deciding on a restaurant to dine in, the Trip Advisor app can help you narrow down your options. The best thing about this app is that you can rely on other traveller’s experiences and recommendations to decide on the best alternative that suits you. The Trip Advisor app gives you access to over 60 million reviews and opinions and it even offers directions to the attraction, hotel or restaurant of your choice. There is also a ‘Near Me Now’ service, which provides you with options near your current location.

5. Travel Interpreter-Multilingual Phrase Book

With translations in 29 languages and access to 2,200 phrases and words per language, you won’t have trouble mastering the local language again! There are many language interpretation apps available in the market but InsureandGo recommend this multilingual app because of its easy to search option, inclusion of audio and illustrated examples and the access to a great variety of categories including translations for customs, hotel service, and eating and drinking.

6. Oanda

For those travel situations when mentally converting the local currency into Australian dollars is tricky, the Oanda currency conversion app is very useful. International travellers will benefit from this app with the ability to save frequently used currencies, enabling a quick access. Oanda provides currency conversion for more than 190 countries. And if you are a traveller whom is too often shocked by the heavy surcharges applied when you use your credit card abroad, need no longer worry. Oanda allows you to include a percentage surcharge in your conversion to better approximate the actual rate you will be charged by your credit card company. What a great way to know how much you are really spending in a currency familiar to you.

7. Packing Pro

Have you ever arrived at your holiday destination and soon realised you forgot to pack your camera? Well the Packing Pro app can make sure that never happens. With a great variety of sample packing lists, a pre-departure to do list and an expert assistance list for special circumstances such as packing for different weather conditions, you will find this app very valuable. Better yet, you can share your list with fellow travellers and even edit lists on your PC when you suddenly remember that essential item that must be included in the packing list.

8. JiWire

Finding Wi-Fi hotspots can be a challenge whilst traveling. But with the free JiWire app, you can search the database to find your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot in over 144 countries. JiWire lists up to 500,000 free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots. It is easy to use by simply searching your current location to view your nearest hotspot locations. You can even customise your search to limit your results to display only free Wi-Fi hotspots. And the best thing about this app is that you can download the entire directory to conveniently use during offline browsing.

9. Yelp

Do you want to avoid the typical tourist traps and experience the destinations offerings as the locals enjoy it? Well the Yelp app is for you. This app sources venues from eateries to shopping centres. It is all based on the local community’s recommendations, so you can eat, play or shop at the places that the locals do so. You can customise the search according to your interests including distance, price and location. Yelp also advises you with discount deals that can be a cost effective option during your travel.

10. WeatherBug

When traveling in a new country, we often don’t have time to check the local weather. This weather app is perfect, because it provides you with a location based weather update. This means you can plan your travel itinerary accordingly. The app is interactive with videos and satellite maps for you to explore, and it even provides you with important severe weather alerts.

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