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Spain has a unique flair which is characterized by its influence of other European countries within its culture. Spain has become one of the most attractive destinations for those who want to visit the “old continent” but are looking for a relaxed holiday, great weather, beautiful beaches and fun filled festivities. Spain is also well known for its delicious food and for being one of the best gastronomies in the world.


Spanish weather is characterised by its diversity. When you travel to Spain you will find a Mediterranean climate in both the south and the east. This is characterized by mild winters and dry and warm summers. The weather is different in the western and northern coast of Spain. Here you will find cool weather, wet summers and cold and rainy winters. In the interior of Spain you will find dry and hot summers with very cold and dry winters.

Sightseeing and Touring Suggestions

  • The most popular cities to visit in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid is a very easy and comfortable city to move around in. Public transport is excellent and it’s a pleasure to walk in the main streets of the downtown area (where the main monuments are located). Barcelona offers tourists a more cosmopolitan style mixed with its sunny beaches and art. If you decide to visit Barcelona, you cannot miss La Sagrada Familia  or El parque Güell, both of them symbolizes Gudi´s architecture, a style which permeates the city.
  • In Sevilla and Granada (easy to arrive by train from Madrid) you will appreciate the fascinating Andalusian art, good weather, a culinary feast and the most typical of Spanish festivities.
  • Baleares and Canary Islands. If you decide to fly to some of the Spanish islands for some sun and relaxation, we recommend you visit the Canary and Baleares Islands. Aside from the beautiful beaches they have to offer, there is also the delicious cuisine (the seafood is fresh and tasty).  Ibiza is also part of the Baleares Islands and is filled with a wonderful mix of sun, relaxation and fun.
  • Bilbao is situated in the north and is a mix between gorgeous beaches and a mountainous backdrop. Bilbao was initially known for being an industrial city. It has since been transformed into a touristic place with tasty gastronomy, a contrast InsureandGo thinks you will love.

Culture and Religion

The main religion is catholic which is very present in most areas of Spain.  Several Spanish traditions, such as sleeping after lunch (known as “siesta”), are still present today (mainly in the small cities). This is something to keep in mind when touring throughout the day as some shops will close between 2pm and reopen at 5pm. Partying and festivities are an important way of life for Spanish people. This makes it very easy to find a diverse nightlife that will keep you up (having fun;) ) until the wee hours of the morning. Many Spanish festivities are famous all around the world. For example, the bull running in Pamplona and Carnival in Tenerife.

Embassy and Emergency Info

If you need Embassy assistance during your holidays, it´s important to know that the only Australian embassy in Spain is located in Madrid: Torre Espacio Paseo de la Castellana, 259D, Planta 24. Opening hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Phone number: (+34) 91 353 6600. Medical assistance number: 112 Police Number: 091


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