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Where are you sleeping tonight? In the same old bed? Around the world, these sleepover experiences prove that choosing where to snooze can be an art form in itself!

Manta Resort, Pemba Island

If you’re looking for the island holiday of a lifetime, Pemba Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago has got it all: sparkling blue waters, beautiful marine life, spa treatments and a wealth of other 5-star services. The best sleepover here, however, is in the resort’s floating Underwater Room, which comes with a roof lounge and a bedroom that sinks below the ocean’s surface.

Human Nest, California

The Treebones Resort along the Big Sur in California is fabulous at the best of times, but our fave spot to sleep here is in the human nest. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking! This huge wooden nest was created by local artist Jayson Fann and allows you to camp out for the night (futon mattress and picnic table included) with glorious views of the ocean and stars.

Dino Snores, London

It truly is a ‘night at the museum’ at the Natural History Museum in London! ‘Dino Snores’ events are available separately for both adults and kids. Adults will love the idea of museum exploring, movie watching, 3-course meals and even treasure hunting. For the kids, it’s all about following trails, t-shirt workshops and the morning animal show. Either way, you’ll get to sleep over beneath the huge skeleton of a diplodocus!

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cuzco

Ever wanted to glamp it on a mountainside – literally? At Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru’s Sacred Valley, you can hang out in a tent-capsule that suspends from the cliff face. Each stay includes a bathroom, a balcony, breakfast and dinner, and cosy beds from which to view the stars. It’s not for the lazy, however; getting up to the tent involves a good climb!

Garden Camping, Worldwide

In the Pacific North West of the USA and southern parts of British Columbia, you can actually camp out in somebody’s beautiful garden. Garden holders list their garden spots on, where travellers can also book their ‘campsite.’ Locations are available all around the world, from the US and Ireland to Spain, South Africa and Thailand (just to name a few).

Hotel Huettenpalast, Berlin

This cute little hotel is all about caravanning – but inside instead of outside! At Hotel Huettenpalast you can hire out your own little old-timer caravan or log cabin, all inside the comfort of the hotel. Each caravan or cabin features a bed, with shared bathroom facilities nearby.

Iglu-Dorf, Switzerland

It’s a hotel, bar, restaurant and wellness-bringer all in one! At Iglu-Dorf you’ll get to ski or do whatever you like by day, and sleep in one of many unique igloos built every winter by night. Rooms are connected by underground tunnels (how cool!) and the bar, restaurant and sauna are all within arm’s reach. Iglu-Dorf locations can be found throughout Switzerland (with one hotel in Germany and another in Andorra).

Red Kite Tree Tent, Wales

Your camping experience will take on a whole new meaning at the Red Kite Tree Tent. This spherical tent hangs from the trees, allowing you to sleep as close to nature as you can get. Inside, you’ll find a sofa bed. Outside, additional perks include hot showers, a gas stove, a nearby toilet and a bridge leading to the tent’s entrance.