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Got the camping bug? Camping out in unique destinations is one of the best ways to discover the world and sleep beneath the stars. If you’re up for a good camping holiday, check out these stunning camp destinations:

Arches National Park, USA

A gorgeous red rock destination with amazing canyons and soaring pinnacles, the Arches National Park in southeast Utah is a beauty to behold. Camping out here at the Devils Garden Campground will ensure you make the most of your night under the stars.

Sardinia, Italy

One wouldn’t ordinarily associate camping with the glorious diversity of Italy, but on the island of Sardinia, anything’s possible. There are many campsites to choose from here, but we recommend on the water for something truly breathtaking.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

What better way to get close to the Great Barrier Reef than to camp right next to it?! Locals and travellers alike will love the opportunity to camp out on one of the reef’s many islands including the Whitsunday Islands, Dunk Island, Lizard Island and the Capricornia Cays. Imagine waking up with the stunning blue ocean at your doorstep.

Lake Myvatn, Iceland

If spectacular remoteness is what you’re after, Iceland is the place to seek out for a summertime camp. Camping by Lake Myvatn in the country’s north is a beautiful experience and popular activities here include hiking, hot spring dipping, bird watching, volcano exploring and of course, viewing the Northern Lights.

Rocky Mountains, Canada

If there’s one thing Canadians know how to do, it’s camping out in the mountains! The Rockies offer dozens of magnificent campsites to choose from, with grounds located in popular regions like Banff, Jasper, Fairmont Hot Springs, Lake Louise and Revelstoke. 

Aba County, Tibet

This is one camping trip that will change your life! In Aba County, in the northwest of the Sichuan Province, you can sleep in pastures under the night skies alongside nomad Tibetans making their pilgrimage to Lhasa. Truly one of the most unique and stunning ways to experience China and Tibet.


Any National Reserve, Africa

If you think falling asleep amidst the sound of roaring lions and trumpeting elephants is a travelling must-do, a safari camp in the African wilderness will be unforgettable. The great thing about Africa is that safari camping can be as luxurious or as basic as you like, but booking through a tour is recommended. 

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Can’t get over the idea of waking up on the beach next to the beautiful waters of the Caribbean? Head to Flamenco Beach in Culebra and you can pitch your tent right next to the ocean. A fantastic camp spot that’s off the beaten path and where you can indulge in everything from fishing to snorkelling to relaxing back with a kiosk cocktail!