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What’s your worldly driving fantasy? Is it passing over oceans? Driving over the alps or tracing amazing coastlines? Whatever your driving dream, these spectacular roads provide some of the best drives in the world.

Florida’s Overseas Highway

If driving across the dazzling blue waters of Florida is an experience you can’t pass up (just look at the photo!), the Overseas Highway or the “Highway That Goes To the Sea” should be at the top of your driving itinerary. This incredible road runs through the Florida Keys for just over 200 km and the views here are truly spectacular.

France’s Millau Viaduct

In the south of France, the Millau Viaduct stretches for an incredible 2.5km over the Tarn River and the result is an impressive drive! At 343 metres, this road is also the world’s tallest bridge. Self-driving tours are common here and views from the road include lush green hills, quaint villages, golden farmlands and even masses of fog.

China’s Guoliang Tunnel Road

One of the most unique experiences of your life will be had driving this tunnel road in northeast China. Winding along the side of a mountain and through it, the Tunnel Road is often considered one of the most famed yet dangerous on the planet. Mind-boggling cliffs, exciting bluffs and drop-off views are a dime a dozen here – just be careful you don’t take a dive off the edge… 

Norway’s Atlantic Road

Literally driving over several islands in the Atlantic Ocean is probably something you never thought possible until you glimpsed the Atlantic Road. Running for 8.3km, this breathtaking road runs over an archipelago off the coast of Norway and connects the towns of Kristiansund and Molde. It’s a popular tourist attraction in Norway, but well worth the drive – remember to stick to the right! 

Switzerland’s Oberalp Pass

When we think of the Swiss Alps, it’s usually because we want to go skiing. But driving (or even cycling) across the mountains of Switzerland is also possible via Oberalp Pass. Hovering over 2km above sea level, this dazzling road offers gorgeous alp views and summit peaks, with cafes and restaurants dotted along the way. Summer driving is best here, as the road usually closes in winter.

India’s Khardung-La Pass

A stark removal from India’s bright temples and bustling local streets, the Karakoram Mountains are incredible and the Khardung Pass will take you straight through them. Considered by some as the highest motorable road in the world at 18,300 feet (or 5,577 metres), the Pass is surrounded by glorious desert-scapes in summer and snow-covered mountains in winter. Definitely a must if you love remote drives.

South Africa’s Chapman’s Peak Drive

Stunning Atlantic views are what it’s all about on Chapman’s Peak Drive. This road will take you all the way from the City Bowl to Hout Bay, along the Cape Peninsula. It’s a 9km drive and many consider it one of the most daring in the world – as well as one of the most beautiful!

Alaska’s Seward Highway

If amazing snow-peaked mountains, glacier cruising and sea kayaking are all for you, Alaska’s Seward Highway will become your second driving home! Stretching for around 200km from Anchorage to Seward, this road will bring amazing driving and exploring experiences into your lap, taking you through mountains and national parks. Beware of road closures during bad weather, however. 

UAE’s Liwa Oasis Desert Road

Driving away into the remote desert wilderness is just one of the ways to experience all that is the United Arab Emirates. The Liwa Highway, which rests about 150km southwest of Abu Dhabi, offers some of the most spectacular desert views in the area, with opportunities to see wandering camels, local villages and amazing sand dune scapes.