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The 2018 Winter Olympic Games have arrived in South Korea giving even more reason to visit this beautiful nation. This year’s Winter Games in Pyeongchang will be the first to host over 100 events with nearly 100 nations competing for medals. Several nations will be making their Winter Olympics debut including Ecuador and Singapore. With event tickets still available, it’s not too late to get in on all the Olympic action. There is of course the opening and closing ceremonies as well as exciting winter sports like ski jumping, ice hockey, and bobsledding to witness. Aside from the Olympics, South Korea offers many stunning attractions not to be missed. Let us explore some of the magic South Korea has to offer – amazing things to see and do during the Olympics!   temple-odaesan-woljeongs


Besides offering the Olympics, Pyeongchang County is home to Odaesan National Park. The park contains the largest natural forest of Korea, where you’ll find many species of plants and animals. You can also visit the Woljeongsa Temple. Established by Monk Ja Jang (590-658), you’ll find a 9-story stone pagoda and the Seongbo Museum. The museum houses Buddhist artefacts and treasures while the surrounding woodlands offer trails to be explored. war-memorial-korea

The War Memorial of Korea

Located in Seoul, this memorial’s aim is to prevent war through exhibiting wars involving Korea. Here you will find over 13,000 items which are displayed across six halls. Explore Korean War history through military equipment and weapons of old and new as well as paintings and sculptures of notable Koreans. On the outside grounds of the complex, you will find over 100 examples of large military weapons including tanks and aircraft. The memorial also offers a 4D theatre experience.   gyeongbokgung-palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

While in Seoul, be sure to check out the stunning 14th century Palace which dates to the Joseon Dynasty. It is the largest of the Five Grand Palaces, all of which are located in Seoul. Nearby shops offer hanbok rentals which will give you free access to the palace. Hanbok refers to the vibrantly coloured traditional Korean dress of the Joseon Period. Explore incredible architecture, museums, changing of the guard ceremonies, beautiful grounds in the summer, and frozen lakes in the winter. n-tower

N Seoul Tower

Take in scenic panoramic views from one of South Korea’s highest vantage points. The N Seoul Tower is a communications and observation tower standing 236 metres tall which is surrounded by the Namsangol Hanok Village and Namsan Park. Visitors can take the Namsan cable car up Mt. Namsan to gain access to the tower. Once inside the Tower one can enjoy four viewing platforms, a revolving restaurant, teddy bear museum, wishing pond, digital observatory, and more. Come nightfall, the tower is beautifully lit where you can also enjoy the beautiful city lights of Seoul below.   lotte-world

Lotte World

Lotte World is a complex like no other. Attracting over 7 million visitors annually, it contains the world's largest indoor theme park, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, sports facilities, and much more. One can spend the night and stay close to all the action as Lotte World offers a luxury hotel as well. Although an outdoor amusement park is also available, the winter months make the indoor option a much better choice since temperatures can get quite cold. Inside you’ll also enjoy an indoor ice rink, bowling alley, and an aquarium. There is endless fun to be had at Lotte World which is currently one of the world’s top 5 tallest buildings. seoul-plaza-ice-rink

Winter Outdoor Recreation

South Korea definitely has no shortage of Winter Recreation fun. One can take up sledding, skiing, ice skating, and ice fishing just to name a few activities. Enjoy several outdoor ice rinks in the winter months including the Seoul Plaza Ice Skate Rink and the Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Rink. Head to Everland to take on Snow Buster, the huge sledding hill which offers a tube lift so there is no need to walk back up the hill. South Korea’s terrain is largely mountainous making it a snow skier’s dream. Bearstown Resort offers 11 incredible slopes to tackle the white powder. Try your hand at ice fishing as you do your best to keep warm while sitting on a frozen river. Pyeongchang holds an annual Cherry Salmon Festival in which anglers try their best to reel in a catch. After a long day in the snow or on the ice, relax in a hot spring or sauna to bring the feeling back to your limbs. Remember that when taking part in any outdoor winter recreation overseas, it is essential to protect yourself with quality travel insurance. Many policies offers optional winter sports coverage that will cover you for a range of outdoor winter fun.