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There are millions of restaurants to choose from around the world today, but these tiny establishments will have you truly feeling like the King or Queen of the eating manor!

Solo Per Due in Italy

If you’re ever in Vacone and want to enjoy an intimate dinner for two, Solo Per Due is recommended. Set in a romantic 19th Century villa and surrounded by archaeological ruins, this luxury dinner will cost you €500 . If you really want to look impressive, ham up the experience with a personal fireworks show and an overnight stay at the villa.


Eenmaal in the Netherlands

The first ever one-person restaurant, Eenmaal in Amsterdam only opens intermittently and as you 05/guess, you can only get a table for 1. The venue has been literally popping up around the country ever since, with tables commonly booking out far in advance.


Sel et Gras in the US

There are dozens of fancy places to be on trend in New York, and this little place was just one. Around 20m2, Sel et Gras only had room for 14 tables and specialised in French fare. Sadly, this place just wasn’t big enough to last and is now closed.


Kuappi in Finland

Tiny is right! This miniature-sized shack come restaurant can be found in Iisalmi, and features only 1 table. Meals are prepared in the tiny kitchen inside and are accompanied by tiny bottles of alcohol.


Menyashono Gotsubo in Japan

The Japanese are known for small dining experiences in the form of Izakayas, but Gotsubo makes for a lovely hole-in-the-wall retreat. Set in Tokyo’s vibrant Shinjuku district, it sits around 6 people and is well-known for its Veggie Tsukemen (a.k.a. noodles dipped in soup).


Till the Cows Come Home in Germany

If you don’t love a little claustrophobia, it’s probably best to stay away from this Berlin eatery! Set inside a 40-foot long shipping container, Till the Cows Come Home is only open during Germany’s warmer months and serves vegetarian dishes and amazing veggie shakes.


La Petite Cuisine in Paris

Famous chef Rachel Khoo made miniature restaurant headlines when she decided to open her own 2-person restaurant in her 21m2 Parisian apartment. La Petite was only open for a few days each month, with the two seats selling out fast. Sadly, the restaurant is now shut as Khoo focuses on other pursuits of her culinary career.


Graffiato Food Truck in the US

It apparently only did the rounds for one day, but this cool food truck run by Italian restaurant Graffiato in Wasington D.C. offered a small dining experience indeed! More of a publicity stunt than an established eatery, visitors had the opportunity to jump aboard and sample plates from the restaurant’s menu.


Raita Noda in Australia

The newest Japanese addition to Sydney’s Surry Hills, Raita Noda holds only 8 guests – and all in a long, bar-style dining setting. The set chef’s menu of 10 courses will set you back $120, but you can be confident the food will be a delight and the seafood will be ultra fresh! A big degustation in a tiny environment.