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‘Whenever the sign is on, fasten your seat belt securely. Insert the metal tag into the buckle and tighten by pulling on the loose end’ – This is something we have all probably heard too many times before. How many times have you heard exactly this and immediately switched off, much to the disdain of flight attendants?

Airline safety demonstrations are something that are likely to always be with us and to make passengers actually pay attention, many airlines have introduced light hearted videos. In the past, watching a host or hostess perform the demonstration, was more likely to induce a coma than elation.

These often weird but wonderful videos can feature celebrities or simply cartoons with culture specific humor. Not only have these videos been providing amusement for their passengers but they have also gone on to gain cult status for many of the airlines.

Air New Zealand is probably the most well-known company for this, gaining a name for its hilariously quirky safety videos. In the past, many of these have gone viral, capitalizing on major pop culture icons such as Snoop Dogg, players from the All Blacks and even Peter Jackson’s latest film, ‘The Hobbit’.

Make sure you check out these videos!


Air New Zealand

Full of wow factor and adventure. By using New Zealand’s natural environment The Bear Essentials of Safety uses the wow factor to entice passengers. It might also have something to do with Bear Grylls.

Virgin America

‘Not least of which is ending this speech now’ – A wonderfully dry example of tone is not all you’ll find. Humorous cartoons and situations you might encounter during a safety demonstration make it almost impossible not to watch and enjoy this safety demonstration.

Turkish Airlines

Let Rooney, Fletcher, Fabio, Rafael, Nani and Smalling of Manchester United help you through the Safety process. Just don’t take anything they say seriously!

Thomson Airways

For those with a soft spot for children and not necessarily a care for personal safety!

Delta Airlines

An amusing spin on the traditional safety demonstration. No squash or chainsaws allowed on board this flight!

Post written by Justin

Justin Hendry is a travel writer for InsureandGo and currently completing his Bachelor of Media at Macquarie University. At other times he enjoys escapism through the spheres of travel writing, reading and music, in an attempt to fend off the natural progression of maturity and responsibility.