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Click here for our travel alert about the Israel – Gaza conflict.
Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Here are some useful tips on how to prevent these things from happening and what to do if it happens:

  • Before your trip, check the baggage regulations allowed by your travel provider or airline. Understand airport security measures, make a note of the lost baggage department telephone number and make yourself familiar with the process of what to do in case you lose your luggage and or it gets left behind somewhere.
  • Keep Valuables With You – Please do not put your important medication, prescription or valuables in your check-in luggage. The flight could be so packed that the airline will be forced to leave your bag behind. Your bag will then be sent on another plane. Do not pack anything in your checked luggage that is critical to your health. If you require 24 hour emergency assistance, InsureandGo can provide that for you.
  • Important documents like passports and tickets should be kept in your handbag at all times if possible.  Wearing a neck pouch that can be tucked under your shirt while you are sleeping is a good option.
  • In the event of losing your bag, pack extra clothes some toiletries and clean underwear  in your carry-on luggage
  • Do not use an expensive brand bag – Two reasons:  one, the bag could draw attention from thieves. Two, checked-in bags get rough treatment.
  • Make Your Bag Stand Out – The more unique your bag is the less likely somebody else will mistakenly take it. Tie a bright ribbon on it so that it would be easier for you and for everyone to recognise.
  • Always Put Your Contact Details In Your Bag – Putting your name, phone number and e-mail on both the inside and outside of your bag is important.  Include the phone number and address of where you will be staying, plus a copy of your itinerary in your bag.
  • Check-In Early/Do not be late– Late check-ins are one of the biggest reasons why bags never make it on the plane.
  • Put a strong lock on your suitcase and carry-on luggage.  A combination lock is preferable.  Take note of the combination.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended.

By taking the extra time and effort to do all these, you can minimize problems caused and therefore enjoy a stress-free trip. Do you need travel insurance? Here are some great reasons why you should InsureandGo:

  • Kids Travel FREE with mum and dad
  • Prices from only $26.37
  • Unlimited medical expenses
  • 24hr emergency medical assistance
  • Unlimited cancellation on our gold policy