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To all our bargain hunters out there, we have scoured the globe (well parts of it) to find some great $1 bargains. It was tough…but we did it! So if you have ever wondered what $1 could buy in another country then read on…

Almost any type of street food

Phuket, Thailand


This includes Chicken Pad Thai, a whole coconut, or mango and sticky rice dessert!

A glorious 45-minute foot massage

Cebu, Philippines


Your feet will thank you for spending that dollar afterwards!

A photo with a gladiator

Rome, Italy


A photo in front of the Coliseum with a local dressed as a gladiator – technically the photo is free… that is until the gladiator starts demanding a tip; in which case a dollar will suffice.

3 pairs of sandals

Ho Chi Minh City, Vitenam


Vitenam is wet and muddy for a lot of the year, so being able to buy spare sandals is perfect!

Three songs in a Karaoke club

Seoul, Korea


Karaoke – commonly referred to as Norebang (노래방) which translates to ‘sing room’ is a popular pass time in Korea. Rooms are usually themed – so in three songs you could belt out some pop, country and maybe try your hand at some Korean Pop (think Gangam style)!

A freshly baked Kornspitz

Vienna, Austria


Kornspitz is the most popular brand of bread roll in Europe. It’s been estimated to be eaten 4.5 million times each day throughout Europe!

A full lunch

Mumbai, India


A meal of boiled rice, dal, vegetables, pickles, and chutney. This is a delicious and traditional meal in India.

Fruit Medley

San José, Costa Rica


One papaya, one watermelon, and one pineapple. Costa Rica is definitely a fruit-lovers paradise.

An extra mile in a NYC taxi

New York, USA


Although with all of the traffic in NYC, it might just be faster to walk and save your dollar!

One dozen eggs

Khulna, Bangladesh


Scrambled, boiled, fried…eggs are so cheap in Bangladesh but you’ll have to come up with the different ways to cook them.

A scoop of ice cream

Split, Croatia


“Imate sladoled?” means “do you have ice cream?” – A useful phrase to memorize before a trip to Croatia.

Fried eggplant on a stick

Beijing, China


If you are feeling adventurous, you can also buy fried scorpion, silkworm cocoons, or centipedes on a stick in Beijing

Half of a Mars bar or 20 M&M’s

Wellington, New Zealand


But if you are looking for a real bargain you 05/as well go to Fez, Morocco where you can buy 2 Snicker bars, 2 Lion bars and 1 Mars bar! Score for the chocolate lovers.

A full tank of petrol

Caracas, Venezuela


Fill the entire tank of a car for under $1. We were just as shocked! In 2012 Venezuela was named cheapest place to buy petrol for the second year running.


Oslo, Norway


Oslo has been ranked the most expensive city in Europe for 2013, so travelers will struggle to find anything to purchase for one dollar.

On your next trip, pay attention to the best thing that you can buy with $1! You might surprise yourself.

About Peggy Olson

Peggy is a keen adventurer and traveller. She has spent time living in America, Belgium, China, and now resides in Australia. She has travelled to 23 different countries, including some very offbeat countries and some of the more commonly travelled destinations. Peggy loves seeing the world, long-distance running, and playing soccer.