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Ever wondered where the best trips on earth really take place? Or trying to decide what wonders to see in 2015? National Geographic has announced its bucket list for the coming year, and below we provide a snapshot of some of the best, along with our own cool travel tips!

Corsica, the Mediterranean

If glittering seas, stunning cliffs and beautiful forests are on your 2015 agenda, Corsica will rule. Highlights here include the 15th Century Citadel, the Bavella Needles, Filitosa and the Maison Bonaparte (birth place of Napoleon).

Travel Tip: Eat at least one meal at Pasquale Paoli, the island’s Michelin star restaurant.


Medellín, Colombia

If South America takes your fancy, the city of Medellín will be calling! A newly formed tourist hotspot, Medellín boasts an awesome art and cultural scene set against the backdrop of stunning year-round Spring flora and rolling mountain vistas. If you’re there at Christmas, the Festival of Lights will be something to remember.

Travel Tip: Take a cable car ride for a high-up view of the mountainside favelas.   


Tunis, Tunisia

At the northern tip of the African continent (and just a stone’s throw from Morocco) Tunis is an amazing combination of gorgeous ocean views, waterside living and desert landscapes. National Geographic focuses on the area of Byrsa in Carthage, where ancient histories and modern living come together. Carthage is full (we mean full!) of historic ruins from the early 2nd Century – make sure you check them out!

Travel Tip: If you do decide to go, make sure you stick to the safer tourist areas and avoid other regions in Tunisia in general.


Koyasan, Japan

Move over Tokyo! Those with the Japanese bug should consider a trip to the town of Koyasan, which lies around 2 hours south of Osaka and is the centre of Shingon Buddhism. With many temples and a 1200-year-old Monastery, Koyasan can be enjoyed for its peace and spiritual integrity, as well as its magical natural scenery.

Travel Tip: Stay overnight in a Shukubo to experience life as a monk and get an insider glimpse of the temples; dinner and breakfast is usually included. 


Hyderabad, India

In the country’s south, the capital city of Hyderabad is a new and prosperous flavour of India to discover. Influenced by Arabic, Mughlai and Turkish traditions, the City of Pearls sits along the Musi River and features breathtaking architecture, exciting bazaars and to-die-for Indian food. Don’t forget to take a ride in an autorickshaw!

Travel tip: The city’s Central and South Zones are best for eating, shopping and historical sight-seeing.


Zermatt, Swiss Alps

If you’re desperate for a 2015 adventure in the snow, Zermatt is where it’s at. Other than marvellous skiing, mountaineering and other snow sport conditions, Zermatt is a great place to sample chocolate and also take kids to the Forest Fun Park. Accommodation here mainly consists of ski resorts and holiday apartments.

Travel Tip: Zermatt is predominantly German speaking, so learn some basic German before you go.


Taipei, Taiwan

Chinese culture is at some of its best in Taipei and this island has absolutely everything to offer, from thrilling markets and mouth-watering food to gorgeous city environments and beautiful coastlines. Our favourite Taiwanese highlights include Taroko Gorge, the capital of Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Miaokou Night Market and the Caves of Eight Immortals.

Travel Tip: Sample the street food for some traditionally cooked meals and delicacies, like duck, crab and fresh sashimi.