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Love a fluffy pastry? A delicious soft bread or a naughty sweet treat? Whether in Vienna or New York, these mouth watering bakeries have got it all!

Demel, Vienna

It’s been around since 1786, and this iconic bakery, chocolaterie and coffee shop on the Michaelerplatz is known around the world for its sensational sweets.

Varieties of cakes line the shelves here and you can even see the famed bakers making their creations on site. Show up early in the morning if you want a seat downstairs; otherwise, you can head up to the tea room.

Must try: The famous Sacher Torte, which is so delicious it’s given rise to a legal battle over the creation of the ‘original.’


Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

If you can’t get over a delish buttery pastry or a wonderfully flavoursome bread, Tartine is the place for you! The sweet treats here are to-die-for, and range from buns and croissants to scones and quiches. If heading to Tartine, be ready for queues, especially on weekends.

Must try: Morning bun, which is covered with luscious sugar.


Aux Délices du Palais

If you need true proof of a deluxe bakery in Paris, this is it. Producing around 1,500 baguettes a day, the Aux Délices du Palais has twice won the award for the Best Baguette in Paris – and people line up here to get a taste of what’s inside. The breads here are so good that they grace the plates of the French president.

Must try: A baguette, of course!


Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki, Tokyo

Famed baker Sadaharu Aoki was trained in patisserie art in Europe. He took his skills back to his Japanese homeland to create a wealth of fusion sweet treats at Patisseries Sadaharu. With locations in Midtown and Shinjuku, these cool boutiques boast flavours like black chocolate and macha green tea.

Must try: Bonbon maquillage – the colours will wow you!


Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney

Commonly seen sporting a queue out the door, the Bourke Street Bakery is a favourite among the Sydney locals. Delightful pies, quiches and sandwiches and are available for breakfast and lunch, not to mention the tarts and cakes. The Surry Hills store is the original, with others located in spots like Alexandria and Potts Point.

Must try: The lamb sausage roll or a meringue tart.


Die Hofpfisterei, Berlin

It doesn’t have to be all about the sweet stuff when you’re hunting down a magnificent bakery! Let’s not forget the German ‘brezel’ or pretzel. At Die Hofpfisterei, the Bavarian-style pretzels are the cream of the crop, and range from soft to salty. The breads and sweet cakes are worth taking home, too.

Must try: Any type of pretzel that takes your fancy!


Sullivan Street Bakery, New York

One of the most famous in New York, Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread techniques have attracted bread lovers and critics from all over. Loaf variations (like the olive-laden Truccio Doni) will melt in your mouth and the luscious pizza squares are a must-have at Sullivan Street.

You’ll find two top locations in New York for this bakery – West 47th Street and Ninth Street.

Must try: Pizza Patate, featuring potato, onion, olive oil, rosemary and black pepper.


Pasticceria Marchesi, Milan

You know a bakery is worth it when it’s been in Milan, on the Corso Magenta, for almost 200 years. Cakes filled with fresh cream and slathered in gorgeous chocolate will surely make your mouth water here, and word has it the coffee is a good too.

Just how famous is this place? Fashion brand Prada staked its claim last year and bought out 80% of this celebrated boutique.

Must try: Traditional Christmas panettone, though note you 05/have to order in advance.