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LA is known to be the Mecca of the movie industry and the Hollywood sign has become a symbol of the city. The beautiful surroundings, dazzling nightlife and good weather all year around makes it a popular destination for tourists. Experience landmarks from famous movies, go on a celebrity tour or see the golden stars of Hollywood Boulevard.  The beaches outside LA offer great waves for surfing and other relaxing activities for the whole family.

Places to visit

LA offers a large variety of places to visit due to the city’s perfect location on the west coast, with pleasant temperatures all year round.

  • Beautiful beaches. Venice beach is the region’s most famous beach and the perfect destination for people watching. The beach gets really crowded during sunny days so don’t expect to get any privacy. There are other beaches fulfilling that, for example the romantic beach of El Matador.  If you want to experience the American waves, Malibu Surf Rider Beach is a heaven for surfers.
  • Beverly Hills is an area in LA where many celebrities live. Many tourists come here to see some of the settings from different movies. The houses are huge and the cars are shiny.
  • Celebrity walk of fame is where the golden stars are printed along the sidewalk. This area is crowded with tourists wanting to take pictures of their favourite celebrity’s golden star. The stars are situated on Hollywood Boulevard which makes it easy to visit nearby attractions.
  • Downtown is situated in the middle of the city and cannot be missed due to the skyscrapers. This area is mostly for business people but offers some of the best art galleries of the region. This multinational area is also a hub for the transportation system.
  • Sunset Boulevard is a famous road connecting through LA. This section is known for the billboards of the upcoming movies and TV-shows.

Leisure and activities

  • Universal studios is a well-known theme park based on different movies the company has produced. Watch movies in 3D or 4D, go for a ride at the Jurassic park rollercoaster and visit House of Horrors if you dare. The theme park is not like any other theme park you visited before and a heaven for movie lovers. Visitors are invited to see the settings of some popular movies by going on a studio tour. Some tv-shows are still recorded here and if you are lucky you may even get a glimpse of a celebrity.
  • Celebrity tours in Beverly Hills are popular attractions for tourists. A guide will take you on a walk in the area and tell you about different celebrities outside their houses. Get the latest gossip and inside facts about your favourite celebrity.
  • See a theatrical show. Even if there are plenty theatres around the area, Kodak Theatre is the most visited. Situated at Hollywood Boulevard it attracts many tourists both for seeing shows and going on guided tours.
  • Shopping in LA can be both cheap and very expensive. The well-known shopping street of Rodeo drive is situated in Beverly Hills. Even if the shopping is expensive many tourist go there to see the settings from the movie Pretty Woman.

Places to eat

The city offers restaurants in all price ranges, from cheap junk food to excellent food at restaurants with stars from Guide Michelin. Even if LA is known to be a place where people care about their health and their looks, there are pizzas and hamburgers joints in almost every corner. The upper class is very conscious about their weight which is noticeable by all health cafes and restaurants around the area. Make sure to make reservations in advance at the most popular restaurants; there are sometimes waiting lists for a couple of months.


LA is known for its nightlife. The city never sleeps and people party until early in the morning. If you want to go to the hippest bars or nightclubs, keep in mind that most places have guest lists so make sure to be there in time and dress up to have a chance to get in. Some celebrities even own their own nightclub and these places are often visited by other celebrities. Remember that the drinking age in USA is strictly 21 years old.

City for kids

Universal studios, mentioned above, is the most popular attraction for kids. If the weather permits, go to some of the beaches where you can rent all different kinds of equipment for an entertaining day. The kids will love a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific where you get the chance to see many species. The Aquarium offers animal encounters and behind-the-scenes tours.

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