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We are a lucky country, abundant with natural resources, clean air and one of the best coastlines in the world. We are also blessed to have the original owners of our land, Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders, being celebrated and recognised as the traditional custodians of this land we love so much. If you are seeking a closer connection to this country’s history, Indigenous Tourism in Australia is something you should consider for your next getaway. According to Tourism Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer Susan Coghill, “Tourism is one of the most impactful ways for Australians (and people from all around the world, in non-pandemic times) to connect with country and share in tens of thousands of years of storytelling and millions of years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history on this land.” If you are wanting to have a more insightful and cultural experience for your next domestic getaway, as well as contribute to various local communities, an Aboriginal guided tour or tourism business is definitely the way to experience Australia. Below is a taste of some fantastic guided tours, which we hope will entice your curiosity but before we get into the list, please remember to check for any developments with domestic travel restrictions. Kakadu

Taste of Kakadu, Northern Territory

Australian Indigenous cuisine and produce is starting to get the recognition it deserves with its large array of unique fruits, native herbs, spices and vegetables, especially in the fine dining scene. Taste of Kakadu is a festival that celebrates Australian Indigenous cuisine across nine days, where visitors can explore the land which inspired the diet of our original landowners, and showcases Australian’s who are extremely knowledgeable and skilled of using such unique ingredients. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy degustation dinners in remote places for a dining experience to remember. Daintree

Walkabout Adventures through the Daintree, Queensland

If nature is more your thing, Walkabout Adventures operates half or full day cultural tours, through the treasured Daintree Forest in Queensland. During these tours you will have the opportunity to discover the Kuku Yalanji people's environment, learn about different natural foods and medicines, sample some bush tucker and try traditional Aboriginal hunting practices. You will also experience and walk through the only place on Earth where two World Heritage-listed sites connect – the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef, now what an unforgettable experience right here in Australia! Tjapukai Cultural Park

Tjapukai Cultural Park, Queensland

Here at the Tjapukai Cultural Park just outside of Cairns, you can learn and understand the traditional ways of Australia’s Indigenous. This establishment is the largest Indigenous employer of any Aboriginal tourism enterprise in the country and was founded by theatre artists and members of the Djabujay clan. If you’re a lover of the arts, there is a wide array of dance, interactive historical displays and art shows to educate visitors about ancient Aboriginal ways and culture.

Blue Mountains Walkabout, New South Wales

Explore the Blue Mountains differently with a guided tour from the Darug clam, who follow a songline throughout national park. If you are not familiar with what a songline is, according to The First Nations People of Australia, it marks the route used by ancestral spirits when they created the land, animals and tradition. Throughout this tour, you will discover ceremonial sites, rock art and your tour guides will share Dreamtime stories whilst you enjoy some bush tucker.

Dine under the stars, Northern Territory

This list will not be complete without mention of the Mbantua Starlight and Bush Dinner Tour, in which you can enjoy a traditional Indigenous dinner under the night skies. Local Arrernte man, Bob Taylor, whom is an Indigenous chef, will prepare a three-course meal (cooked in a traditional earth oven), while you enjoy the beauty of the outback sunset. After dinner, you get to enjoy a torch lit walk and see for yourself what creatures come out after dark in the desert, as well as listen to Dreamtime stories and learn what the stars mean to Aboriginal people. Such a magical experience.