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The world is full of signs telling people where to go, what to do and how to do it! While most signs make perfect sense, some, like these crazy ones below, will absolutely have you in stitches:

The Drowning Machine

Mwa-hahaha! You can just hear the James Bond villain laughing in the background of this one. This “drowning machine” sign is posted right next to the Calgary weir in Canada and serves as a clear warning not to enter, lest the drowning machine cause your ultimate downfall.

The Magic of Toilets

Situated next to the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey, this sign will indeed lead you down a wondrous pathway to some magically atmospheric toilets. It might seem like a good break after all that sightseeing, but remember – it’ll cost you 50 cents!

Warthogs & Children Have Right of Way

There’s lots of fun to be had while on safari in Kenya, but this sign posted outside the Nairobi National Park is great for reminding you of the pecking order between tourists, children – oh, and warthogs.

Touching Wires Causes Instant Death

If you plan on kicking the bucket when touching these high-powered wires on the Newcastle Tramway in the UK, you had better come back from the grave and pay your hefty $200 penalty! It’s hard to say what the punishment will be if you don’t show up, but if you do, at least you can rest easy knowing your ‘mortal’ fines have been taken care of.

Heel Breaking Zone

If you love a bit of high heel wearing on your travels, you should, before you go, familiarise yourself with those pesky heel breaking zones around the world. It’s unclear where this sign originated from, but those European cobblestones will surely give you a run for your shoe-money.

Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers

This is the sign that every horror movie should have in their opening credits. Of course, your chosen hitchhiker might just be a friendly passer-by… but do you really want to take that chance? Yikes!