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Whether you’re a first-time kayaker or a seasoned paddler, these destinations around the world are perfect for a gorgeous kayaking journey. Have you kayaked somewhere equally as stunning? Comment below to add it to our list!

Lake Malawi – Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania

One of the Great Lakes of Africa, Malawi is a beautiful destination offering remote beaches, diverse wildlife, colourful marine life and lush, green hills.

Kayaking around Mumbo Island in the Lake Malawi National Park is particularly dazzling, and the island camp offers furnished tents alongside bathroom and dining facilities.

Soča River – Slovenia

The Emerald Beauty of Slovenia, the Soča is known for its gorgeous kayaking and rafting opportunities, with plenty of spots for both beginner and adventure-craving kayakers.

You’ll get to navigate through narrow streams of water surrounded by canyon walls, glide past waterfalls, steer through boulder-dotted waters and even try a few rapids.

Halong Bay – Vietnam

Halong Bay is known for its magnificence and its cruises, but did you know that you can kayak the bay, too? Getting up close with huge limestone islands, not to mention their cliffs and caves, is the biggest perk of kayaking here.

Many tours will combine a kayaking trip with a hike up the cliffs for some amazing bird’s-eye bay views.

Sardinia – Italy

It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and Sardinia offers around 2,000 km of coastlines for your kayaking days. Tours generally take place along the north, south, east or west of the island and each offers uniquely wondrous sights such as caves, cliffs, beaches and archipelagos.

If you’ve got the time, make sure you inquire about tours or stops at villages, vineyards, wildlife areas and archaeological sites.

Glacier Bay – U.S.

Imagine kayaking amongst mammoth blue-white glaciers and breathtaking snow-capped mountains. Kayaking Alaska’s Glacier Bay is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and many kayakers here have the chance to get up close with orcas, humpback whales, sea lions, seals and more.

If you’re an experienced paddler, you can go out on your own, but tours are recommended for beginners.

Belize Barrier Reef – Belize

If you’re all about tropical waters, beautiful coral atolls and bright, colourful fish, go kayaking in Belize! The Barrier Reef here is the second largest in the world (after our own, of course) and rests around 25 miles (40 km) from the mainland.

The calm waters offer perfect conditions for beginner kayakers and stopping off for a spot of snorkelling is entirely possible.

Abel Tasman National Park – New Zealand

Known for its azure waters, brilliant beaches and glittering granite cliffs, the Abel Tasman National Park is a kayaker’s outdoor dream. You’ll get to take in New Zealand’s glorious green scenery, as well as spot wildlife like dolphins, fur seals, penguins and sometimes even whales.

Be sure to hire your kayak before entering the park, as there are no rental facilities available once you get inside.