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Hope you’re not afraid of heights! These incredible glass walkways from around the world offer stunning views of the destinations they’re located in.

Tower Bridge, London

It’s already one of the most talked about glass walkways in the world and it only came to being in 2014. The East and West walkways of the Tower Bridge offer visitors amazing views of the Thames and surrounding roads – all at 42 metres below!


Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway, China

Uh, just how brave are you, exactly? This excitingly scary glass walkway was built in 2011 on the cliff face of Tianmen Mountain – and if you look down, you’ll glimpse views 4,000 feet (or over 1,200 metres) below. Perhaps the only thing more terrifying than walking along this thing was building it!


Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

The Grand Canyon National Park draws more than 4 million visitors per year, so it’s no wonder this glass walkway is so popular. This U-shaped glass bridge extends out over the beautiful Colorado River and rests a good 1,200 metres above the canyon ground.


Step into the Void, France

Apparently that’s exactly what you get when you head up to Chamonix and step onto this glass walkway. ‘Step into the Void’ was created in 2013 and will have you hovering at an altitude of over 3,800 metres. Standing above the French Alps was never so breathtaking!


Cliff Walk, Canada

Fancy being high up in the rainforests? In Vancouver, you can do just that at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. While the entire thing isn’t made of glass (thank goodness!) there are plenty of glass viewing platforms that will have you goggling at the luscious scenery below.


Willis Tower Skydeck, USA

Let’s hope it’s not too windy inside this enclosed glass balcony in the Windy City! Chicago’s Willis Tower is reportedly the tallest in the western hemisphere and from the 103rd floor, the Skydeck lets you see as much as 4 other neighbouring states.


Glass Suspension Bridge, China

Just when you thought Tianmen Mountain was enough! This frightening Chinese bridge in the Hunan Province stretches for 300 metres across a valley in Pingjiang county and since it’s a suspension bridge, it actually sways in the wind. Cross it if you dare!