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With such a wide range of cultures clustered into one area, Europe is an incredible destination to experience different food and traditions. We 05/not all speak the same words but we share the same beautiful language of gastronomy. Food has a way of bringing people together no matter their culture, religion, or background. European food festivals bring to the table the best an area has to offer when it comes to pleasing your taste buds. In addition you’ll usually get to experience great music, dancing, competitions, and more.  So without further ado bon appétit, gesegnete mahlzeit, buon appetito, and happy eating!


Pizzafest: Naples, Italy

Who doesn’t love pizza, except for maybe the occasional lactose intolerant victim. What better way to celebrate this incredible creation of all that is good than to experience a festival in the place it was invented. Since the first pizza shop was opened in Port Alba, Naples, the culinary masterpiece has been winning over people across the world. Even royalty found it to be delicious with the Italian Queen Margherita giving her approval, thereby giving rise to the Margherita pizza. Held every 09/, this 10 day event offers visitors to sample pizzas of every shape and size. Explore secret recipes and combinations you hadn’t thought of as well as admiring the incredible dough throwing skills we all wished we could master. Add a bit of music and dancing and it is the ultimate pizza party.


Salon du Chocolat: Paris, France

Head to Paris this Halloween for the Paris Chocolate Show where you will learn some tricks of the trade and definitely get your fair share of treats. Although the only thing scary about spending your Halloween at the Salon du Chocolat will be the weight gain from eating too many sweets. Hundreds of exhibitors present their chocolates, pastries, cakes, and confectionary from around the world. Learn how chocolate is made and whip up your own batch through live demos and interactive workshops. Be blown away by performances of song and dance from cocoa producing countries. And of course you cannot miss the chocolate fashion show where models show their sweet side when they hit the catwalk wearing clothing made from chocolate.


Oyster Festival: Galway, Ireland

Open up yourself to the world of oysters at the Galway Oyster Festival, the world’s longest running of its kind. Held in 09/, visitors can sample incredible oysters along with other delectable seafood while listening to great Irish music. Watch as competitors shuck their way to victory during the World Oyster Opening Championships. The event also hosts a Masquerade Mardi Gras, Gala Ball, cooking demonstrations, food talks, and tastings from the area’s finest restaurants. All will have you smiling so much you’re sure to strain a mussel.


Rollende Keukens: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spring in the Netherlands brings out more than just flowers, it also brings food, literally truckloads of it. After you finish admiring the tulip fields, get YOUR two lips around some incredible eats at Amsterdam’s Rolling Kitchens Festival, known as Rollende Keukens. The festival turns the capital into a giant outdoor kitchen where dozens of food trucks and mobile kitchens offer everything from comfort food to stylish cuisine. Browse pizza wagons, deli carts, and BBQ campers in this free to enter event where you are bound to find a great meal that won’t devour your wallet.


Smaka på Stockholm: Stockholm, Sweden

Every June, Stockholm transforms its beautiful downtown park of Kungsträdgården into the Taste of Stockholm Festival or Smaka på Stockholm. It offers free entry to the culinary assault on the senses as well as performances by top acts. Witness beautifully crafted dishes as gorgeous as the Swedes themselves. The area’s top restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks come together to serve iconic Swedish dishes as well as exotic flavours. A Certified Environmental Event, all participants do their part to conserve the environment through recycling and showcasing organic locally grown produce.


More Food for Thought

Because not all food has to be eaten to be enjoyed, be sure to check out these alternative European food festivals. Head to Spain in 08/for the La Tomatina festival and “ketchup” on the action of throwing thousands of very ripe tomatoes at each other. Just remember to maybe not wear a white shirt. For something a bit more cheesy, head to England where you can chase a giant wheel of Gloucester down a hill at Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Festival. Italy brings together thousands of people, medieval attire, and loads and loads of oranges? What could possibly go wrong?