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How much money would you spend on a meal? $100 or $1,000? If you love a luxurious culinary indulgence, check out these extravagantly expensive restaurants from around the world that demand big bucks and exquisite tastes:

Ithaa, Maldives

Dining in one of the world’s finest underwater restaurants doesn’t come cheap. At the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives, guests can indulge in a 6-course European dinner for around $300-$400 per person. Sound steep? Being 5 metres below sea level, with amazing underwater views and marine life to boot, is probably worth it, but of course you’ll have to be able to afford the deluxe accommodation of the Maldives, too.

The Fat Duck, UK

Heston Blumenthal is renowned for his innovative and inspiring antics with food – and with dishes like snail porridge and egg and bacon ice cream at the Fat Duck, who wouldn’t want to give it a go? This is definitely not economical dining, though: the tasting menu here will mean forking out about $360 per person (£195), plus service charges. Not expensive enough for you? Why not treat yourself to an accompanying bottle of Krug, Blanc de Noirs, Clos d’Ambonnay from 1995? It’ll cost you around $8,000.

Saison, USA 

Got 3 hours to spare and around $510 up your sleeve? If so, feel free to treat yourself to the 17-plus-course meal at Saison in San Francisco. The meal starts at around $250, but after wine pairings, taxes and tips, you can expect a meal for two here to reach in excess of $1,000.

Restaurant Le Meurice, France

Sometimes, Paris is just where it’s all at. Approximately $580 per person minimum (excluding drinks, tips and tax) will score you a collection dinner at Alain Ducasse’s infamous restaurant in the opulent Hotel Le Meurice. If the dinner pricing seems a little pricey, you can also drop by in your lunch break and have a go at the day menu, which starts at around $170 per person – one expensive lunch!

Kitcho, Japan

Japanese restaurant Kitcho is famous both in Japan and around the world; it’s often praised for its state-of-the-art cuisine, its luxurious atmosphere and its 1930s origins. The food is constantly evolving at Kitcho thanks to the passion of Kunio Tokuoka, the restaurant’s executive chef, and a meal here will cost you around $600 per person. Hope you like sushi!

Noma, Denmark

Known as one of the most prestigious restaurants in the world and constantly at the top of must-dine lists, Noma is a fusion lover’s heaven. This two-Michelin star venue is famed for its contemporary approach to traditional Nordic and Scandinavian cuisine. The degustation here, along with the accompanying wine, will set you back around $535 per person – just make sure you book a few months in advance!

Masa, USA

New York has a reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious cities and the Japanese restaurant, Masa, truly lives up to the name. Set in the Time Warner Centre, chef Masa Takayama offers guests an exquisite tasting menu that starts at around $450 per person – and then goes up according to your drink/wine selection, as well as taxes and tips.