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Open your mouths, competitive eaters! Super spicy chicken wings, pounds of curd and even vegetables await. Would you enter these ridiculous food eating comps?

1)  Australia: Tempt Fate with the Death Sentence Wing Challenge

If you love chicken wings and think you can handle a bit of spice, the Yardbird Ale House has just the challenge for you! Wolf down as many ultra-spicy ‘Death Sentence Wings’ as you can in 12 minutes and if you can out eat your competitors (and survive), you win!

2)  Canada: Pack on the Pounds at the World Poutine Eating Contest

Are you looking to add a serious amount of fat to your diet? Look no further than the Canadian classic World Poutine Eating Contest. This competition involves consuming a mushy mix of French fries, melted cheese curd and thick brown gravy. Eat as much as possible in 10 minutes or less!

3)  USA: The Insanity Inducing Inferno Bowl Challenge

Hosted by Nitally’s Thai Mex Cuisine in Florida, few manage to finish this scalding soup-eating challenge. Contestants race to finish a 48-ounce soup made using Bhut Jolokia, widely regarded as the world’s hottest ghost peppers.

4)  India: Eat Copious Amounts of Curds

If too much dairy leaves you all backed up, you might want to back away from this challenge. Organised as a way to promote dairy consumption, this competition involves eating as many cheese curds as possible in 3 minutes. Last year’s winner consumed a staggering 3.39 kilograms!

5)  USA: Rib Eating – No Hands!

Do you fantasise about being covered in BBQ sauce and devouring a rack of ribs with your hands tied behind your back? Live out your fantasy at the Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival where they hold this annual rib eating competition.

6)  New Zealand: The Ultimate Dessert Challenge

Challenge your pride, your mind and your stomach at the Auckland Dessert Club, home of some of the world’s most creative eating contests. A recent competition required participants to use chopsticks to eat jelly from a cup (without touching the sides), while also dancing “Gangnam style” on command!

7)  USA: Hot Dog Eating IS a Spectator Sport

Have you ever wanted to stuff your face in front of millions of people? If so, here is your big chance! This nationally televised competition involves eating as many hotdogs as possible in 10 minutes. Barfing 05/be a casualty of entering.

8)  Scotland: Horrendous Haggis Eating Contest

Haggis consists of a sheep’s stomach, the heart and lungs of a lamb and a variety of flavourings. While one mouthful is too much for most, in this comp, you’ll have to eat nearly half a kilo of haggis as fast as possible. Great if you’re Scottish! Not so great if you’re from anywhere else.

9)  Germany: Vegetarians vs. Vegetables

This one-off event is proof that vegetarians can be gluttons too. Held in 2011 by the German Vegetarian Association as a way to promote vegetables and nutrition, it saw 3 ravenous vegetarians eat as many cucumbers and tomatoes as possible in 10 minutes. At least Mum would be proud!