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It’s been millions of years since dinosaurs ruled the world, but if you love a good roar, here are some of the coolest dinosaur destinations on earth!

Natural History Museum, London

Start your dino trail in London at the infamous Natural History Museum. The Dinosaurs Gallery (in the Blue Zone) is the place to be and features gigantic skeletons like those belonging to the Triceratops and Tyrannosaur. Make sure you stop by the moving T-Rex on your way out!

Travel Tip: After the dino exhibit, you can move on to view other impressive displays featuring the blue whale and the woolly mammoth. 


Jurassic Land, Istanbul

Istanbul has loads to offer the cultured traveller, including this amazing dinosaur-themed park! You can view dino skeletons, eggs and fossils, check out the “incubation area” where babies are born and get up close with real life, moving animatronic dinosaurs!

Travel Tip: Kids will love the Excavation Workshop and the Dinosaur Veterinary area.


Kimberley Region, Western Australia

Did you know that Australia itself is home to one of the best dinosaur footprint areas in the world? In the Kimberley region, the famous dino trackway features a range of well-fossilized footprints from a variety of different dinosaurs.

While they’re exciting to look at, there’s lots to be learned too – and scientists have spent years analysing what the footprints reveal about dinosaur behaviour and travels.

Travel Tip: Broome is a great place to start your footprint trekking trip.


Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas

If you love the idea of footprints but want to head abroad, Dinosaur Valley is worth hunting down. In this park you can walk right into real life dinosaur footprints or snap yourself alongside the giant Tyrannosaur or Apatosaurus. Other adventure activities in the park include mountain biking, fishing, swimming, horse riding and overnight camping.

Travel Tip: Glen Rose is just a short 1-hour drive from Forth Worth.


Styrassic Park, Austria

Go beyond the Jurassic and explore the “Styrassic!” Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Austrian forests, life size recreations of dinos like Spinosaurus, T-Rex and Pachycephalosaurus can be seen here.

Travel Tip: For the coolest of adventures, you can spend a night or two and sleep in the trees at the adjacent Tree Hotel.


Field Station Dinosaurs, New Jersey

If you really want to see what it would be like to walk among dinosaurs, this cool outdoor park will knock your socks off! It features over 30 life size animatrocnic dinosaurs that move and roar. It’s an awesome experience for dinosaur lovers and there are also plenty of activities for kids.

Travel Tip: Do as many dinosaurs once did and head out on the ‘Dinosaurs After Dark’ tour.