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We’ve all heard of planes, trains, buses and automobiles – but if you had to get from A to B, would you jump onto one of these crazy modes of transport?

Bamboo Train

We’re used riding trains in Australia, but in Cambodia, Bamboo Trains are much more popular! You’ll find this bamboo mode of transport (otherwise called a nori) in the Battambang region and it’s one of the best ways to get around here exactly as the locals do.


Going on a quick elephant ride is a popular activity in many Asian countries. But believe it or not, you can actually do a hell of a lot of travelling on an elephant’s back! Travelling by elephant over a 2-3 day period is entirely possible while holidaying in Asia and is an extremely unique way to get around. A warning, however: you might end up with a sore butt at the end of it!


A what, you say? Yes, that’s right, it’s part bus, part boat, part submarine! Well, sort of. This amphibious bus was built back in 2010, as a replacement for the River Clyde ferry in Scotland. Locals loved the idea of being able to both drive and float in the one vehicle and it sure made headlines for its novelty factor. Unfortunately, after a few trials, the amphibus proved to be less than successful and its service was discontinued.

Human Rickshaw

Fancy being pulled along to your next destination by another human? These cycling rickshaws are a true callback to the older days of Japan and are lots of fun to ride, especially if you’re in an Asian country. In Vietnam, you’ll find a similar mode of transport with the ‘Cyclo’, which is actually a tricycle that loads its passengers onto the front.


If you’re keen to take a touristy trip in the UK between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, you can pretty much take a hovercraft. This futuristic-sounding mode of “hovertravel” is a wonderful way to get out onto the ocean and this particular hovercraft ride is the longest running in the world. The craft operates 7 days a week, though you’ll need to check the timetables to make sure you catch it at the right time.

Totora Boat

If you ever happen to end up on Lake Titicaca in Peru, travelling on a totora boat is a must-do. This boat is shaped like a dragon and made entirely of reeds, making it a wonderful way to from one side of the lake to the other!


If you truly love the quirky things in Asia, a ride in a tuktuk can’t be overlooked. These tiny, motorised vehicles are just big enough to fit two passengers. While they might be noisy, they’re a thrilling way to get around, see the sights and immerse yourself in the local culture. 

Dog Sled

Heading to Alaska, Canada, northern Europe or pretty much any snow-filled country means that you’ll be travelling by dog sled. While this mode of getting around has been popular for hundreds of years, today it is more about having a bit of fun and exploring the icy terrains around you.

Monte Toboggan

In Madeira (an archipelago of Portugal) in the 19th Century, getting around via a Monte toboggan was a very everyday mode of transport. Today, rides on the toboggan will have you careering down the winding streets at a crazy 48km per hour! Even crazier is the fact that there are no real brakes on these things and the drivers instead used their rubber-soled shoes to stop.