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Getting married in a church or a park is one thing – but would you get married in an insane asylum? What about Dracula’s castle or even a shark tank? Check out these crazy places around the world where couples have actually tied the knot!

An Insane Asylum

Where: Bartonville, Illinois

You’d have to be truly nuts to get married here! While most travellers visit the abandoned Peoria State Hospital for ghost tours, one couple actually decided to renew their vows here back in 2012. At least one of them was a real life paranormal investigator – but talk about being married to the job!

The Titanic (A Replica)

Where: Tennessee

If you’re certain that your marriage will never hit the rocks, a Titanic wedding is for you. In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, couples can tie the knot in a real life replica of the Titanic ship, saying your vows either at the top of the Grand Staircase or out on the ship’s famous deck.

The Titanic (The Real One)

Where: The Atlantic

Just in case a replica isn’t good enough for you, it is possible to also get married in a submarine on top of the real Titanic (or at least what’s left of it) at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Two divers successfully did this back in 2001!

Coney Island Rollercoaster

Where: New York

Time to get hitched and get your scream on. Apparently getting married on this rollercoaster at Coney Island is more popular than you’d think. The ceremony is held at the entrance to the ride and is topped off by a zip on the rollercoaster itself.

A Treehouse

Where: New Zealand

Take just a quick hop over the Tasman and with a bit of luck, you’ll end up in Auckland, New Zealand, at the Redwoods Treehouse. Just like the ewoks, you can dine up in the tree tops with your guests and spend your night running over the planked walkways.

The Ice Church

Where: Northern Sweden

Getting cold feet? Better get used to it if you decide to say “I Do” at this Ice Church in Sweden! The setting will no doubt be spectacular and you can possibly top off the night with a sighting of the Aurora Borealis. However, your wedding attire might have to be more on the “fur jacket” side!

Peak of Mount Everest

Where: Nepal

If you don’t mind wearing an oxygen mask during your wedding ceremony, a Mount Everest wedding will surely be the experience of a lifetime! In 2005, two keen Nepalese lovers were the first ever to tie the knot at the highest point in the world. Thankfully, they also survived the climb!

Dracula’s Castle

Where: Romania

Fancy saying your vows in front of the Dark Master? Bran Castle in Romania has long been known as the “home” of Dracula and you can actually hire the castle out for your own private wedding (or any other event you would like). A couple did this back in 2011, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like anything spooky went down.

Shark Tank

Where: Anywhere There’s Sharks

Shark lovers and daredevils everywhere are catching onto this one – simply jump into a shark tank and say your vows as huge predators look on with tears in their eyes. Only one guess as to what your wedding music would be – the soundtrack from Jaws!