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Down under, we’re forever surrounded by none other than oceans and waters. But if you look elsewhere in the world, other nations have the privilege of sharing some fascinating borders with their neighbouring countries – just check out these amazing “borderline” facts!

USA and Canada

The border between the United States and Canada is the longest in the world, and is officially known as the ‘International Boundary.’ Several bridges, tunnels, towns and landmarks connect the two countries – with the most notable being Niagara Falls!

Zambia and Zimbabwe

Speaking of waterfalls, if you’ve ever seen Victoria Falls, you know just how spectacular they can be. At 108 metres high and 1,708 metres in length, these falls are the largest gushing curtain of water in the world. Along with the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls divides the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Spain and Morocco

What’s one way of solving illegal immigration and smuggling problems? Build a giant fence! That’s exactly what Spain decided to do in the town of Melilla. Unfortunately, the fence remains an icon of tension between the two countries to this day.

Denmark and Sweden

Geographically, there is no real border between Denmark and Sweden, yet these two countries are still connected – across the ocean – by the Öresund Bridge. Most famously, the bridge links the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo and runs for 8 kilometres. About 20,000 people cross this bridge, whether driving or by rail, each day.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

It’s a desert plain on one side and a gorgeous forest area on the other. Deforestation is a major issue in Haiti, thanks to a combination of man-made activities and natural soil erosion. Despite this, there are still over 50 places at which to cross the border between the two countries, though the checkpoints are only open between 8am and 6pm.

Nepal and China

We’ll give you one guess as to what sits between Nepal and China. That’s right – what better way to separate two countries than with the highest mountain of Earth, Mount Everest! This border is so precise that it actually runs through the summit point of the mountains.

Poland and Slovakia

Two other nations that share a mountainous border region are Poland and Slovakia. Here, it’s Mount Rysy, which is located along the peaks of the High Tatras region. Funnily enough, there are 3 peaks in Mount Rysy – one peak, at almost 2,500 metres, rests in Poland and the other two belong to Slovakia!

Russia and 14 Other Countries!

Do you love your neighbours? Covering over an eighth of the world’s land, Russia is planet Earth’s biggest country. And it also has the distinct privilege of sharing its borders with 14 other nations! These include China, Belarus, Mongolia, North Korea, Norway, Finland and the Ukraine.

USA and Mexico

It runs for over 3,000 kilometres and is the site of much conflict between USA and Mexico. The frontier between the two is the most crossed international border in the entire world, with around 660,000 crossings per day (in 2004), at 35 different crossing points.

Antarctica and 7 Countries

It’s just a big continent of ice, right? It might be so, but seven sovereign states have tried to lay claim to Antarctica’s Territories, including the UK, New Zealand, France, Norway, Chile, Argentina and Australia. Fortunately, the Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961, posits Antarctica as a scientific preserve and prevents these countries from taking ‘real’ ownership over Antarctica’s land. Looks like those borders won’t be going up for real anytime soon!