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Forget museums and galleries! Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or a traveller who just loves a bit of urban colour, these cities are where you can get your street art fix.

New York, USA

Known for its awesome art installations and its high population of 3D artists, New York is the place to be if you really want to get into the street art scene. If you’re thinking of going, head there during the Governors Ball Music Festival (held in 06/each year), during which a plethora of artists bring their artistic murals to life on the street.

Valparaiso, Chile

This destination is practically an entire street art city! So much so that an art tour is actually recommended. Vibrant colours and cool creations are the go in this relaxing town, which rests just on the coast, 2 hours north of the capital, Santiago.

London, UK

London is one of the world’s most bustling cities and its famed for many things – and street art is just one of them! Hang around the East End and you’re likely to come across various murals and wall paintings. Trafalgar Square is also a popular commissioned art spot. Don’t forget to look out for many of Banksy’s famous street art markings, too (at Canary Wharf, for one)!

Prague, Czech Republic

Urban exploring in Prague is one of the most wonderful things to do for any traveller – and street art here is easy to come by. A street art and graffiti tour can take you around to the sites where famous artists like David Černý have art-worked their ideas. You’ll also learn about how street art here is deeply embedded in the Czech history and culture.

Tehran, Iran

Many people in Tehran have also taken their art to the streets as a means of challenging the oppressive political regimes they live under. Common art themes on the street include poverty, social injustice, homophobia and inequality. The installations are breathtaking and moving.

Melbourne, Australia

It’s right in our backyard, yet Melbourne stands out as one of the coolest street art cities in the world. Laneways – like Hosier Lane, Union Lane and Caledonian Lane, are popular street art locations – as is St. Kilda. The city council even encourages street art in Melbourne, with the hopes of doing away with vandalising graffiti.

Mexico City, Mexico

There are dozens of street art beauties to uncover in Mexico City, from huge, impressive murals to colourful parking lot creations. Mexico City is famed for encouraging artists to adorn its streets and everything is fair game here, from apartment buildings to buses! Earlier this year, it was even reported that the police were helping artists find walls to “legally” paint.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re ever in Cape Town, you’ll find yourself surrounded with some of the most amazing street art around, especially in the suburb of Woodstock. While artists focus on beauty and colour, others use their street art as a means of expression and social criticism.

Los Angeles, USA

Celebrities, awesome beaches and cool, grungy hangouts make L.A. what it is. But La La Land has a strong street art community and artists are keen to create anything, from clever installations to political commentaries to images of famous stars and figures.