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Travelling around the world is a fantastic experience and one thing that can make your trip shine is an opportunity to attend a worldly party, festival or event. So grab your best outfit, put your fancy shoes on and let’s party!

1. Full Moon Party, Thailand

Thailand’s infamous Full Moon Parties take place each month on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, in the country’s southeast. Expect to party all night here, often with anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 other cool revellers. Bars and eateries are easy to come across and other acts throughout the night often include jugglers, fire-eaters and fireworks.

2. La Tomatina, Spain

Splat! That’s the sound of a tomato hitting you in the face and that’s exactly what’s going to happen at La Tomatina. This massive tomato fight takes place each year during the week-long Buñol festival in Valencia and you’re invited to peg overripe tomatoes at your comrades. If you want to participate, you’ll need to buy a ticket and equip yourself with goggles and gloves – the tomatoes are supplied!

3. Hindu Holi Festival of Colour, India

Bright, exotic hues are often associated with India and the Holi Festival is one colourful party not to be missed! Held each year to welcome the arrival of spring, Holi is an event where you can fling colourful powders and liquids at other party-goers, leaving everyone pretty much looking like a walking art canvas. Music, dancing and eating all go off here and even animals like elephants and snakes get in on the action.

4. St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland

There’s a little bit of green in all of us and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland itself is an experience you’ll never forget. Complete with magical parades, shows, markets and music, this annual 4-day long party is Ireland at its best. If you choose to party with the Irish, make sure you wear something green and don’t forget to grab a Guinness!

5. Rio Carnival, Brazil

With 2 million people in attendance per day, the Rio Carnival is the biggest party in the world. Rio comes to life each year in February in the week before Lent and everything from street parties to parades to magical gala balls are held during the event. Pretty much anyone can get dressed up in a whacky costume in Rio and purchasing a ticket to attend is a must. Parties will often kick-on throughout the night down on the beaches and in the surrounding streets. 

6. Burning Man Festival, USA

Each year during the summer solstice (August-09/), in the midst of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, you’ll find tens of thousands of Americans flocking to the Burning Man festival. A celebration of art and self-expression, each festival is given a new theme every year, resulting in impressive creations and cool camp designs. Camping out as a group is the best way to enjoy this party. 

7. Las Fallas Fire Festival, Spain

The Spanish sure know how to have fun and the Las Fallas festival of fire, sculpture and fireworks is a spectacular party experience. Each spring, the city of Valencia is decorated with amazing papier-mâché sculptures (“Fallas”) and festivities kick-off with an abundance of street parties, fire shows, parades, bullfights, performances and even paella-cooking competitions. Make sure you stay up late enough for the fireworks too – they’re a key highlight of the festival. 

8. Oscar Party, Hollywood

You 05/not be able to roll up on the red carpet in a Gucci outfit, but attending a party with the stars during the Academy Award season is one cool way to live it up! With tickets ranging from $25 to $1,000, winding up next to your favourite actor or celebrity is a real possibility. Of course, if you want to attend something more upmarket (like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party or Elton John’s bash), you 05/have to rub shoulders with someone famous!