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Money belts, travel wallets and even waterproof cameras are common travel accessories that almost every traveller should have. But these cool travel gadgets and accessories below are definitely worth a look (or buy!) if you truly want your next trip to be easier and hassle free:

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’re up for one or more long haul flights or journeys, noise cancelling headphones can be a blessing. They’ll block out sounds like screaming kids, blaring aircraft noise or simply the sound of annoying conversations going on behind you. If you are going to be on the go for long periods of time, make sure your headphones can be charged to last long enough or are battery operated.


2. Traveller Stick Soap

Don’t you hate it when you want to take your bar of soap to your next destination, but it’s all wet and soggy? This stick soap is a great solution for travellers and is shaped more or less like a deodorant stick. It also has a cover, meaning you won’t have to risk your wet soap seeping into your baggage or clothes.


3. Jacket Gripper

If you’re travelling for business or simply to a place where you’ll be constantly taking your coat or jacket on/off (probably thanks to crazy weather), this jacket gripper is a must. It attaches to your bag and straps around your jacket, meaning you won’t have to carry it in your hands (and stress about leaving it behind) or worry about having room for it in your day bag.


4. SteriPEN

Travelling to third-world countries can often mean you can’t drink the water. This SteriPEN accessory, however, is set to change all that! Simply dip it into your cup or container and the ultraviolet light will work to kill around 99.99% of all germs. It’s also much more compact than carrying a bulky water sterilisation kit around.


5. Roll-Up USB Charger

Got a thousand and one items to charge during your travels? This roll-up travel charger means you charge four items at once, using one power outlet. There are various connections available and best of all, it rolls up super small so it won’t take up heaps of room in your bag.


6. No-Pegs Clothes Line

Backpackers and long-term travellers will love this pegless clothesline. It comes with a hook at either end, meaning you can string it up anywhere you like and get your washing done in no time. Perfect if you’ll be staying in places without a laundry or if you want pack super light and wash your clothes as you go. 


7. Packing Cubes

Sick of packing your luggage neatly to begin with, only to have your bag look like a garbage dump halfway through your trip? Packing cubes can make your life a heck of a lot easier, allowing you to group your clothes and other items into neat, small packing compartments, which then fit easily into your bag or suitcase. 


8. iPhone Map Case

Many travellers consider their iPhone an essential travel accessory, so why not jazz yours up with these cool wooden map cases? They’re great for making travel plans or simply keeping an eye on where you’ll be going next. World maps and ones of the USA seem to be the most readily available, though you 05/also be able to grab one that features a map of your destination’s transport system. 


9. Refillable Toiletry Bottles

These nifty refillable bottles allow you to carry whatever shampoos, conditioners, lotions or soaps you need – without having to pack your bag full of giant, heavy bottles. They’re great for short trips or for those who want to pack light and you can easily find them in any Australian department store.