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Sometimes, when you’re souvenir shopping, a snow globe or a drink coaster just won’t cut it! So, we’ve put together this cool list of souvenirs that we all wish we could take home and show off to our friends…

Coral from the Great Barrier Reef

Everyone would love to have a slice of colourful paradise from the Great Barrier Reef itself. Unfortunately, hacking off a piece of coral to call your own is illegal in Oz. We recommend taking some cool photos or scouring the gift shops for a coral piece instead.

A London Phone Booth

They’re red, they’ve been around since the 1920s and yes, you can actually use them to make calls! London’s red phone booths are one of the most iconic British signatures in the world, but sadly, you can’t take em home. Perhaps a miniature key ring replica is a better idea.

A Letter from the Hollywood Sign

Ever since it was erected in 1923 – to advertise a housing development, no less –every Los Angeles lover has probably wanted one of the ‘Hollywood’ letters to display out the front of their house. Unfortunately, you 05/need some gigantic bolt cutters to cut one free.

A Pet Polar Bear

As if you wouldn’t want to take home one of these cute and cuddly little bears! Unfortunately, this North Pole native might grow too big for your dog kennel out the back. Also, they might maul you to death!

A Rickshaw

Fancy getting around in one of these on a day-to-day basis? Having your very own rickshaw might be lots of fun and it would certainly get you into shape, but we’re not sure you’d be able to keep up with the traffic!

A Brick from the Pyramids 

Yes, we’re sure that if you could slide out a brick from the Pyramids of Egypt and stash it in your suitcase on the flight home, you would. But alas, you’d be up for some serious persecution – and besides, how the hell would you even carry it?!

The Disneyland Castle

Imagine how awesome it would be to have your very own Disneyland castle and strut around in it like a Wicked Queen or a Princess or even a Prince Charming. About the best thing you can hope for, though, is one of those flat-packed plastic things you buy from a toy store. Oh well.

A Painting from the Louvre

If you could choose any painting you like from the Louvre to remind you of your Paris trip, which one would it be? Having your own da Vinci or Monet would be awesome, but those curators might just notice something is missing! 

A Yellow New York Taxi Cab

These are perhaps some of the most iconic vehicles in the world. Just imagine if you could ship one home and drive it to and from your day job – or use it to pick up a hot date!