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Just how scientifically-minded are you? Across the globe, these scientific museums bring science, evolution, history and space exploration right to your curious fingertips!


1. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, U.S.

Ranked as the top museum in the whole of the U.S. by Mensa, the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. showcases everything you’d ever want to know about Earth, technology, flight and space exploration. Exhibits include the iconic Apollo missions, the toys and props used in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie, and the Time and Navigation overview of timekeeping throughout history.

2. Museo delle Scienze (MUSE), Italy

A newbie on the museum scene, MUSE opened in 2013 and embraces all things science across its six floors. It’s a great museum for both grown-ups and children where dozens of lifelike animals and skeletons hang from the ceilings and a reconstructed glacier environment waits on the fourth floor. You’ll find MUSE in the beautiful northern Italian town of Trento, in the Adige River Valley.

3. PUCRS Museum of Science and Technology, Brazil

Brazil has much to offer any traveller, but if you’re in Porto Alegre, check out the PUCRS (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul) Museum. The coolest displays here include the Aquatic Mammals Space, the Florence Nightingale exhibit and the interactive CSI crime-solving space. Kids will also love participating in things like the A Minute of Science class and the Electrostatics Show.

4. Natural History Museum, U.K.

If you’re an animal or nature enthusiast – whether it’s prehistoric giants or minute, modern day beauties – London’s Natural History Museum is a must-visit. In addition to world-class exhibitions and displays, the most fun activities here include educational dinosaur sleepovers (for both adults and kids), and the chance to crack a real murder mystery using scientific clues and forensic methods. How cool!

5. Science Museum Principe Felipe, Spain

Planning a trip to Valencia? Don’t forget to stop by the alluring Science Museum Principe Felipe. On the outside, the skeletal-like architecture is dazzling, and you can even use certain arches to talk to people fifty metres away (almost like an architectural walkie-talkie!).

 On the inside, exhibits are dedicated to everything evolution, environment, science and technology. The coolest addition is probably the Nikola Tesla ‘Ideas Like Lightning’ exhibit and the chance to walk into a life-size replica of the International Space Station.

6. Te Papa Museum, New Zealand

When in beautiful Wellington, make time for the Te Papa Museum. While the scientific and historical items in its permanent collection are worth seeing (think everything from local culture to flora and fauna), it’s the giant Colossal Squid that’s the main attraction here.

Sourced from Antarctica, it sports eyes as big as soccer balls and has a length of over 4 metres.

7. Nagoya City Science Museum, Japan

In the heart of Nagoya City, in the City Science Museum, you’ll find the world’s largest planetarium, with a dome that’s 35 metres in diameter. Under the dome are exhibitions on life and science, as well as space and technology.

As well as the essential stargazing, key exhibits include the Tornado Lab and the Exploring Water stages, which show the workings and flow of water on Earth.