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Are you a self-confessed chocoholic? Enough to go on a dedicated chocolate holiday? If you have a soft spot for pure, creamy chocolate, these choco-destinations around the world are definitely worth a visit!

The World Chocolate Wonderland, China

This impressive chocolate theme park in Shanghai takes the love of chocolate to a whole new level. Featuring everything from chocolate shoes and chocolate handbags to a chocolate BMW, this place is a chocolate-loving dream. You can even view a chocolate version of China’s infamous Terracotta Warriors! Just don’t eat them…

The Museum of Chocolate, Belgium

Whether you are a budding chocolatier or a traveller who just enjoys shoving chocolate in your mouth, you will love the Museum of Chocolate. You can learn about the historical journey of cocoa and chocolate or take part in one of the many chocolate workshops!

Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory, Switzerland

If you want to learn the true art of chocolate making, Switzerland is the place to be. This fantastic factory will let you follow the step-by-step process of creating Maison Cailler chocolate and teach you about the art of tempering, conching and ganache. Yes, you can get your hands dirty too! Chocolate-making classes are readily available.

The Chocolate Hotel, UK

Love the idea of chocolate and novelty all bundled into one? This boutique chocolate hotel in Dorset in the UK is a chocoholic’s ultimate place to stay. You can take part in a chocolate workshop or simply indulge in a decadent romantic weekend in one of the 13 unique chocolate-themed bedrooms.

Cioccola – The Chocolate Festival of Torino, Italy

Torino is considered by many to be one of the top chocolate destinations in the world and since 2003, it has hosted an epic 10 day festival of chocolate! Held in the Piazza Vittorio Veneto, this great festival includes chocolate workshops, tastings and competitions, as well as musical entertainment and shows.

The Grenada Chocolate Company of Grenada, Grenanda

Environmentally conscious chocolate lovers will be thrilled by this amazing company, which produces and sells 100% organic chocolate. Visitors can take a tour of the rainforest operations, learn about the local history of chocolate making or simply relax and enjoy some of their many delicious creations on offer!

Mina Street, Mexico

Often thought of as the birthplace of chocolate, Oaxaca in Mexico is an essential stop for any true chocoholic holidaying in the Americas. While you will find chocolate makers all over Oaxaca, Mina Street offers pristine chocolate decadence. Here, you’ll encounter dozens of chocolate makers producing their own delicious creations, many of which apparently come from age-old family recipes.

M&M’s World, UK

Are you a plain, peanut, crunchy or crispy? Regarded as the world’s largest candy story, this massive London establishment showcases a vast array of delicious chocolate and confectionary products, including a mouth-watering selection of M&Ms! Not in the UK? No worries – you’ll also find M&M’s Worlds in places like Las Vegas, Orlando and New York.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, Australia

That’s right, chocoholics – in case you didn’t know it, we have very own chocolate factory right here in Oz! Just head down to Phillip Island in Victoria and you’ll discover an amazing world of machines, models, exhibitions and games all centred around the wonderful creation of chocolate. You can make your own chocolate here too or enjoy a stop in the chocolate café before hitting the chocolate shop. It’s great for kids and families or for those who just need a good choc-fix.