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No matter how you like your chicken fried, these joints around the world are where you should be if you want to feast on some succulent chicken.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, Memphis

A quick stroll through downtown Memphis will bring you to this all-American place, which dishes out some of the best hot & spicy fried chicken in the region. It’s so juicy and hot that it’s been featured on shows like Man vs. Food and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.


Kyochon Fried Chicken, Seoul

Korean fried chicken is among the cream of the chicken crop and eating at the Kyochon chain (one of the biggest in Korea) is a mouth-watering must! You can choose from drumsticks or wings, and sauces include honey, red, sal sal or original.

In Seoul, you’ll find the main locations at Hongdae and Gangnam.


Dante’s Kitchen, New Orleans

There are few better places on the planet to get fried chicken (and listen to jazz!) than New Orleans. At Dante’s, there’s a wealth of seafood on the menu but the ‘Chicken Roasted Under a Brick’ has become a signature and must-have dish. It’s maple glazed and served with a potato and bacon hash cake and a fried egg. Yum!


Hot Star Fried Chicken, Taipei

If a hot slab of hand-held chicken cutlet is your thing, you will love Hot Star. Coated in a special five-spice powder and seasoned with loads of pepper, this giant deep fried dish first began as a small stall at Taipei’s Shilin Night Market. Now, it’s spread to other destinations including Singapore, Manila, Sydney and Melbourne!


Bird, London

You wouldn’t think it, but those trendy Brits have mastered the fried chicken art, too! Down in Shoreditch, Bird serves up white and dark fried chicken with glazes like gochujang, buffalo and honey ginger and sauces like buttermilk ranch, tonkatsu and sweet plum. If you’re especially hungry, try one of the fried chicken sandwiches or the classic chicken and waffles!


Street Markets, Goa

How delicious do tandoori chicken lollipops sound? These popular Indian street food delicacies are essentially chicken wings with the meat pushed down one end of the bone so that they resemble a lollipop. Here are some sizzling in Goa.


Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, Nashville

Fried foods are top notch in good old Tennessee and the chicken at Prince’s has been featured on shows like Bizarre Foods America. Sizzling since 1945, the chicken here comes mild, medium, hot or extra hot. We dare you to try extra hot!


Kin-no-torikara, Tokyo

Of course, Japan has its own version of fried chicken and it’s called karaage! While you can find dozens of restaurants serving karaage in Japan, the little street shack of Kin-no-torikara in Shibuya is worth a stop.

For just a few yen, you can get a bag of fried chicken fingers with a range of powdered toppings and sauces. And they’ll give you a toothpick to eat them as well!