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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten out of a vending machine? A live crab? A custom-made book? A gold bar? If not, you’re not travelling enough!

Live Crabs – China

They eat a lot of crazy things on the Asian continent, but grabbing a live crab from a vending machine might just be a whole new level of bizarre.

For a few Yuan, you can save a trip to the seafood market and pick up a live crab from this vending machine. The crabs are kept in a ‘sleeping’ state in their containers so there’s no risk of getting nipped!


Bike Parts – USA

Ride like the wind in New York or Boston and you’ll find this handy beauty! The Bikestock kiosk will be your personal DIY saver if your bike breaks down.

It dispenses parts like inner tubes, patch kits, brake pads and locks, as well as accessories for the avid biker, like headphones and sunglasses.


Burgers – The Netherlands

Fast food company FEBO offers burgers, fries and other snacks in these vending machines. The word on the street is that everything is cheap, but doesn’t taste that great. Still, could be handy for a late night feed and everything else is shut.


Pizza – Italy

How long would you wait for a fresh, hot pizza? How about 3 minutes?

These amazing Let’s Pizza vending machines will cook up your fave flatbread and toppings from scratch and then shoot it out at you for a small price. You can also find these machines spread across other countries in Europe and the UK.


Havaianas Thongs – Australia

Who would’ve known the world was thong crazy?

These havaianas thong vending machines made their world debut in Sydney, Australia back in 2011 – and since they’ve spread to Indonesia and Europe.

You’ll find them in places like World Square and the Galeries Victoria – perfect if you bust your shoes while shopping… or just need to stock up for the summer!


Noodle Soup – Japan

Craving a hot bowl of noodle soup?

Whether ramen or udon, these instant noodle vending machines are a big hit in Japan. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can also come across machines offering meals like curry and rice. Dinner is served!


Books – USA

If you’re looking for that next page-turner, all you need to do is keep an eye out for an Espresso Book Machine. Just choose your title and you’ll have your book printed and bound within minutes, and deposited to you via this vending machine!

The first one ever was installed in the New York Public Library, and today you can also find them in Canada, France and even Australia (at the University of Melbourne).


Gold Bars – UAE

How much money do you need to buy a gold bar? Who knows! But if you’re rich enough to stay at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, you can probably afford one.

This gold-plated machine called Gold to Go calculates the price of gold and dispenses real gold bars and gold coins into your very hands.

Outside of the UAE, they’re also reportedly heading into destinations such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the UK.


Umbrellas – Hong Kong

If you’re in Hong Kong during the rainy season, it’s easy to pick up an umbrella at these nifty vending machines. They come in an array of colours and will easily fit in your bag. Best of all, you’ll never have to brave the rain again!